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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-06-16 08:14:41 –

Staying at a hotel in Hilo will help make the island a cleaner place thanks to our partnership with the Hawaii Wildlife Foundation.

Hilo’s Seoul Community Planet Hotel (formerly Hilo Seaside Hotel) opened on June 1st and soon launched a Pristine Makai program to remove marine debris from the southern coast of the island in partnership with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

Seoul Community Planet is a chain of eco-hotels, starting in 2020 with a focus on minimizing the impact on the ecosystem and revitalizing the environment.

“Instead of earning Hilton Honors points and more when staying here, we help make the world a better place,” said SCP CEO Ken Cruz.

As part of this effort, the Pristine Makai program will donate $ 1 to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund for each stay at the SCP Hilo Hotel. This is about the same as the cost of cleaning 2.2 pounds of trash from the south coast of the island.

“A typical American hotel guest produces about £ 2.2 per night of waste,” said Cruz, who says SCP hotels generate waste by eliminating items such as disposable plastics. He added that he was trying to reduce the amount.

By working with the Wildlife Foundation, Mr. Cruz said SCP could further offset the ecological consequences of staying at the hotel.

“We know we can’t jump on a truck and drive down to the beach and try to get rid of the trash ourselves,” Cruz said. “If so, we would have the best intentions, but it would probably cause more problems.”

Megan Lamson, President of the Hawaii Wildlife Foundation, said the partnership would benefit organizations that have relied heavily on grants from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“We are really uncertain about long-term, sustainable financing,” Ramson said. “So it is mutually beneficial for both of us that we have other sources of funding.”

Due to the nature of the Pacific Ocean currents, the southern coast of the Big Island often receives large amounts of debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a large amount of debris floating in the Pacific Ocean. According to Ramson, the Wildlife Fund has removed 300 tonnes of debris from the Big Island since 2003.

“By cleaning the trash, we’re really just treating the symptoms,” Cruz said. “What we really want is to raise awareness of the root cause of the problem: this overly wasteful behavior.”

Other SCP initiatives include a program to provide 24-hour electricity to families caring for seriously ill children, and a program to plant trees in deforested areas each time they stay at an SCP hotel. Staying in SCP Hilo supports both these programs and Pristine Makai, but Cruse stated that Pristine Makai is dedicated to SCP Hilo.

According to Cruse, the Pristine Makai program has no end date and will continue indefinitely. Meanwhile, he said SCP is trying to spread elsewhere in Hawaii.

“Hawaii is a very beautiful place. It fits very well with the spirit of what we want to do,” Cruz said.

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New eco-hotel in Hilo launches program to clean beaches Source link New eco-hotel in Hilo launches program to clean beaches

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