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Everyone praised this decision, but Bitcoin businessman Fenton was the only candidate who clearly stated that he was against federal abortion law.

Anti-abortion activists and advocates of the right to abortion will discuss while demonstrating outside the Supreme Court of Washington on Monday, June 27, 2022. Shuran Huang / The New York Times

New Hampshire Concord (AP) — Five New Hampshire Republican Senators suggest they don’t support the enactment of federal legislation restricting abortion, but most of them avoid the question first in the first debate. Did.

Donald Boldak, Bruce Fenton, Vikram Mansharamani, Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith on Monday night, US Supreme Court decision to terminate constitutional protection against abortion And whether they support federal law that limits it.

Everyone praised this decision, but Bitcoin businessman Fenton was the only candidate who clearly stated that he was against federal abortion law. Others have shown opposition only by not raising their hands when the moderators pressured them to take a position.

Boldak, a retired army general, called the court’s decision a necessary amendment, but otherwise did not provide details of his view of abortion.

“This is what we have to do. Under responsible and effective leadership, we move forward, not retreat,” he said.

A debate sponsored by the New Hampshire Journal featured five of the 11 men who sought Republican nominations in the September 13 primary. The winner will be Senator Maggie Hassan of the Democratic Party, who is aiming for the second term. She argues that some Republican candidates have records and positions consistent with their support for a national abortion ban.

“My opponents have revealed themselves very clearly. If elected, they will work to reveal the fundamental rights of women. In the world’s largest democracy, they It will make women second-class citizens, “she told reporters early Monday.

As State Senate Chairman, Morse has helped insert a clause banning abortion after 24 weeks of gestation into the current state budget, adding exceptions to rape, incest, and fatal fetal abnormalities. I opposed it. Earlier this month, Smith, a former director of a conservative advocacy group, told the Nashua Republican Party that it would support federal law “to save lives,” according to a video shared by the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

Smith recently served as the mayor of Londonderry, who despised Boldak, who called him “ignorant” about the war in Ukraine.

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The manager of the town of Londonderry knows nothing about national security and strategy,” he said. “Yes. I lived it.”

Smith took his job as town manager when asked if the candidate would support a bipartisan bill signed by President Joe Biden on Saturday aimed at combating gun violence. Emphasized.

“I was the only one who actually did anything at this stage,” said Smith, who described his town’s efforts to improve school safety.

Smith, Boldak, and Fenton all gradually tightened the requirements for young people to buy guns, rejected firearms from more domestic violent people, and temporarily armed weapons from those deemed dangerous by local governments. He said he was against a bill that would help rob him. Neither Manshara Mani nor Morse answered the question, so there was an angry reaction from Fenton who aimed at Morse.

“Do you know what you are? You are a rubber stamp,” he said. “Because you’re a deal maker, you can’t answer the question because you’re afraid, and you’re what we needed many years ago, and you might have done a good job. , You are not what we need now. Not in these times. Not in this America. “

Morse refused to reply.

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