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Omaha, Nebraska 2020-10-18 11:37:52 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —Governor Pete Ricketts announced yesterday that the surge in COVID-19 cases has reinstated some restrictions to curb the epidemic.

On Wednesday, the new directed health measures will be implemented, which will have little impact on most restaurants.

Unlike most indoor spaces where you need to limit your occupancy to 50%, the restaurant can operate at 100% capacity, but you will not be able to seat more than 8 people at the table. You must be seated except when ordering, using the toilet, or playing games. So basically you don’t have to stand or walk around the bar.

Chip Allen, Event Coordinator and Manager of Upstream Brewing Company, states that these new restrictions will not really change the restaurant experience for most guests.

“It’s exactly what we’re already doing now. We encourage you to keep a social distance in our facility because of our scale. Limits individuals to the number of tables we have. “

Allen says most restaurants shouldn’t have to adapt too much to come on Wednesday, but he’s a little worried about the cold weather closing outdoor seating options.

“We were so lucky throughout October that the weather was pretty mild so far, so we were able to keep it seated,” Allen said. “It’s the most popular section of the restaurant. Individuals are aware of the fact that they need to be socially distant. Being outside seems to work for them, and it works for us too. . “

Allen hopes that health measures and guidelines will eliminate the need for further restrictions when bringing guests back to more places.

“It will hurt a bit, but I hope the rules change on Wednesday will start to reduce the number of cases again,” Allen said. .. “

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