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Wheatridge, Colorado — The new homeowner said he hired a man who claimed to be a plumber, but after months of frustration and $ 900, he didn’t even have a valid license. I found out.

Lacy Gasner contacted Contact Denver 7 because she wanted to warn others. She recently bought a new home and noticed a leak when she moved. Gasner said the seller’s realtor hired a man named Matthias Pizzaro to repair it.

“He seemed to do a good job,” Gusner said. “He came soon, so I had a positive experience with him.

A few months later, she found water standing in a crawling space and called Pissarro to see if he could come out to see it.

“He gave me a fair-looking quote based on the other prices I was getting, and he said he could finish it all within a week,” Gasner said.

Gasner said he had promised to install a sump pump, but things got worse rapidly. She hired Pizarro in July and said the project lasted for months.

“He kept making excuses for why he couldn’t come back and why he needed to get another part,” Gasner said. “A dozen times he will come and finish his work, and I have scheduled a day when he will not appear.”

Gasner said he returned home in early October and resumed work on the drainage pump. She said he told her everything was good when he left the day. After he finished his work, she explained that she could hear a loud squeak from the drainage pump. When Gasner opened the crawl space to check it, she said there was some debris left and the drainage pump wasn’t working.

“I immediately called him and sent him a text message saying,” Hey, you need to come back. Something is wrong. ” And all day long he kept saying he was on his way home and never came back, “Gasner said.

Contact Denver7 learned that Pizarro does not have a valid plumber license. According to Colorado regulators, Pizarro had an apprentice license that expired in March 2016. To see if someone has a professional license This state website..

Even if you have an apprentice license Colorado law The person must be directly supervised by a licensed plumber.

“It gives the plumbers, the service people a bad name. We’re not all that,” said Vincent Stout, a licensed plumber who ended up installing a new drainage pump in Gasner’s crawl space. Told.

Contact Denver7 and call Pizarro to find out why you worked without a license.

He replied, “And what’s wrong with that? Are you a nation?”

Gasner shared a post on the social media website Nextdoor, and Pizarro replied to anyone looking for a plumber. He said he was a plumber and had been doing it for 25 years.

“As long as I work without a license, I don’t work for a company. I don’t own a company,” Pizarro said. “I help the people at Next Door.”

Thanks to Stout, Gasner features a working drainage pump, a water-free crawl space, and Vinny’s Plumbing. When he heard what had happened, he offered to donate his workforce to get the job done. He said Pizarro had installed the wrong type of drainage pump and was not properly connected.

“He had the wrong pump for the application and it was plumbed incorrectly,” Stout said.

A DORA spokesman said he was aware of Pizarro’s complaints.

New homeowner says unlicensed plumber botched job Source link New homeowner says unlicensed plumber botched job

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