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New homes, pets, dreams: a big pandemic change

Staples Green is pleased to have more space in his new home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and loves writing and drawing, but last year it wasn’t without conflict and trauma. Her mother-in-law died in February 2020. And at the pandemic, the couple is reassessing their plans to raise a family. Emotional bandwidth For more children. Maintaining mental health was a priority for her family.

“Pandemic life is still a little scary. Mom’s life is still very tired,” she said. Still, “Through all of this, we are confident that we can survive everything.”

Lisa Van Lipper, 56, had breast cancer nine years ago. “If you survive the struggle between life and death, you see things differently,” she said. She paid more attention to self-care than before she got sick, so when she started a new job near her home in northern Virginia in February 2020, Van Liper said that it wouldn’t work after five unfortunate months. I knew. ..

“I was able to quit the job and witness for my wife and daughter during the pandemic to minimize the loss of mental and physical health,” she said. Two weeks after she notified her father died. The entire family was infected with Covid in December, and their dog died a few months later. She said everyone was sad and scared.

Within months of notification, she sent about 200 resumes, conducted 50 interviews, and finally found a new job as Executive Director of Communications at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. She then moved her family to nearby Peoria in March. 2021.

She said the biggest lesson she learned from her 15-year-old daughter’s loss of her grandfather, dog, and sophomore in high school was “it doesn’t have to be okay.” They got a little Pomeranian named Teddy helping to rejuvenate everyone, and Van Lipper’s daughter just created a Varsity cheering team at her new school.

New homes, pets, dreams: a big pandemic change

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