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Fresno, California 2021-01-22 10:37:43 –

Mount Laurel, NJ-Pitbull, about 3 months old, Thor is not the average rescue puppy.

“When we usually find a dog, the dog usually has a tag or tip,” said Police Officer Matthew O’Hanlon. “We can take them to a local veterinary clinic and have them find their owners fairly quickly.”

Little Thor was different. He was found roaming the industrial areas of the city’s business-rich areas without identification. However, he left a nasty trace on his forehead.

“My fiancé and I were trying to get a pitbull. It’s hard to overlook when you see an injured pitbull puppy,” said Ohanron.

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Thor was sent to an animal shelter in Burlington County for treatment. However, Officer Ohanron decided. He wanted to take him home because no one came forward to demand a puppy. His last dog was the Pitbull, and Ohanron says they are a loving and loyal companion despite the stigma that surrounds them.

“Boy, it makes you feel better now that what happened to him such a little puppy can help him know how spoiled he is for the rest of his life,” he said. Said.

Police Officer Ohanron, 26, is a three-year veteran of the police station.

“I like going to work because I don’t know exactly what will happen,” he said. “You name it, even when it’s a dog, whether it’s a goose bark, a deer bark, or obviously people, we treat it.”

It’s a challenging career, especially when faced with a pandemic, but Officer Ohanron says he has a family he always relies on.

“I go to work, be as safe as possible, and go home to meet my family,” he said. “Let’s go home and see the puppy.”

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New Jersey cop adopts pit bull puppy rescued by fellow officers Source link New Jersey cop adopts pit bull puppy rescued by fellow officers

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