New lawmakers prepare to fight for their communities – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-01-13 13:23:10 –

As Denver-Colorado Parliamentarians return to work, several new legislators are breaking the barriers to diversity.

Colorado Democrats now have the most diverse caucuses in their history.

But two new members of the Colorado House of Representatives and the Colorado Black Democratic Legislative Corcus told Denver7 that representatives of diverse communities were not enough.

They plan to make concrete changes.

“It’s really important to be responsible not only for listening to your neighbors, but also for making sure that what they were looking for or what they were really looking for would pay off,” said Jennifer Bacon of House District 7. Congressman said. “My other priority in this session is to be part of a team that systematically dismantles repression tools, including many small regulations to keep people in place. It involves thinking about the law. “

Bacon said her members are focusing on legitimate procedures, affordable housing, and removing regulations and laws that impede health care.

“There are ways to inform people, take them to where decisions are made, and set up a personal accountability system,” says Bacon.

Bacon told Denver 7 that he would take lessons learned as a member of Denver’s school board and apply them to his new role.

“We had the opportunity to dismiss a police officer from our school, Denver Public School, which did what the students and we needed as stewards and partners, leaving the door open to the students’ voices. It’s a space, but let’s be part of the change itself, “says Bacon.

Denver7 also spoke with Iman Jodeh, a member of the 41st House of Representatives, who is Colorado’s first Muslim American member and another member of the Colorado Black Democratic Assembly.

“I think it’s important for people to see themselves on behalf of them. Being the first Muslim and Arab woman in the Colorado State Capitol means that 100,000 Colorado people who have identified themselves as Muslims It means actually seeing ourselves as a representative, “said Jodeh.

Jode shared plans for the next session.

“Defend, don’t apologize for who I am, and make sure that the marginalized, traditionally undervalued community has a say,” Jode said. It was.

Jodeh also wants to ensure that the laws she sponsors do not affect her budget.

“It is important to me to make sure that my law has little or no financial attention and that it is also drafting very important laws that are still relevant to the daily life of Colorado everywhere. “Jode said.

Jode and Bacon said they expect great things from themselves in this session, but they also plan to hold their colleagues accountable and adhere to the ideal that all human beings are made equal. I am.

New lawmakers prepare to fight for their communities Source link New lawmakers prepare to fight for their communities

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