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Andrea Leo wanted a job that could take her two children to work, so she opened a sun market on 22nd Avenue. (((Lucy Peterson Photo)

After the pandemic closed some businesses, a new market in City Park West is regaining light in its neighborhood.

Sunmarket is 2201 N. Lafayette St on June 25th in a 1,800 sq ft space that was a hair salon. Opened in. It sells fresh produce, non-perishable foods, toiletries and local food brands such as Denver-based Izzio Artisan Bakery and Tague Farm.

“I think it’s like a mixture of Spinelli and Natural Grocer with Bodega,” says owner Andrea Leo. “It’s like what I wanted.”

Spinelli’s is the Italian market for Park Hill, which opened in 1994.

The sun market is 2201 N. Lafayette St in City Park West. It is in.

Leo said he would like to open a sun market as a way to bring the neighborhood together and introduce local businesses along 22nd Avenue. The market mainly sells groceries, but Leo also wants to sell books by Denver writers and other locally made products.

She also has space for outdoor seating and food trucks on the corners of 22nd Avenue and Lafayette Street, Leo said.

When the pandemic began, Leo, who lived near the Sun Market, roamed the neighborhood with his children, losing the community’s sense that neighborhood stores such as Scoop’s homemade ice cream and Forastero were all at home. I noticed. There is a destination street in the neighborhood, and 22nd Avenue feels a little sleepy, “Leo said. “But I hope something like this helps everyone, every neighbor, and becomes an anchor.”

Leo rents space.

She worked as a waitress and bartender for 17 years before having children. When the pandemic began, she said she needed a job that her children could come to work with her.

New market aims to bring City Park West corridor back to life Source link New market aims to bring City Park West corridor back to life

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