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Riverside, California 2021-12-03 19:31:03 –

It’s been two months since the Korenovsky family opened the door to the Boarri Craft Meats and Goods store in downtown Corpus Christi.

The family-owned meat market specializes in local meat and everything in Texas.

Czech brothers share their roots in coastal bends by buying meat from local farmers in Fayette County. Also known as Boarri Craft Butchery, the store offers a variety of cuts and dried aged meats. In true Czech fashion, they use 100-year-old family recipes for their specialty sausages.

Boarri Craft Meats and Goods

“Our mission is to provide a variety of delicious meats at a cost that can accommodate everyone in the community,” said owner Nathan Kolenovsky. “We offer a £ 22 cut and a $ 6 wag steak per steak.”

Boali staff also buy and sell local produce Blunzter fruit stand Fresh milk and cheese from Robstown, Sandia’s Gnoll Farm.

“Local farmers often make their products and animals easier to handle than mass-produced ones because they are small, passionate and livelihood,” he added. We support quality locally, not quantity. ”

817 South Staples' Pigley Wigley was Corpus Christi's second HEB.

When they bought South Staplesville, new business owners were also cutting out some history and their work for them.

“It was a mess,” said Nathan Koremboski. “This building has been almost empty for the last 30 years, and what we don’t know is the rich history of the store.”

The location was once Pigley Wigley and was the second HEB ever purchased. It was then replaced by the Chancellor Food Store and Superior Ice Cream, which became vacant and used for storage for the past 30 years.

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