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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – A man in Albuquerque created his own nightmare situation with a pumpkin patch that thousands of families enjoyed in the fall. He has been accused of melting down when he was killed in front of a terrifying family after harassing an actor in a corn maze.

In mid-October, three out of four friends were relieved to leave McCall’s pumpkin patch after one of the group was reported to have harassed or head-butted in a corn maze. I agreed. “He came out on my face. I could smell alcohol in his breath, and then he … oh … started to be warlike … and then “Tap me and leave,” said one actor in the lapel video.

26-year-old Jordan Allen has been accused of causing the scene and is seen in a video of the collar asking a Torrance County councilor while being escorted.

Deputy: “There is no reason to talk to such an actor, hey.”
Allen: “I was just around f ******.”
Deputy: “Well, you’re leaving now.”

Allen refuses to buy the ticket, and the situation deteriorates rapidly in front of the watching family.

friend: “Jordan! Stop!”
Deputy: “I’m asking you properly. If I have to reach out to you, you’re going to jail.”
Allen: “For what?”
Deputy: “If I have to reach out to you, you will go to jail. Stop reaching out.”

After Allen reaches for his pocket, the agent tries to turn his hand back, but they say he continued to resist. His friend and girlfriend begged Allen to stop fighting the officer. The agent says he was clearly drunk when Allen spit on one agent’s face and repeatedly asked for the badge number.

Deputy: “I’m Lieutenant Stolkum. It’s all included in the report. I don’t use the badge number here.”
Allen: “What is your badge number?”
Deputy: “I don’t have a badge.”
Allen: “I’m a tax citizen … worth knowing.”
Deputy: “Well, taxpayers, this is my badge. Let’s take a look there. Well, there aren’t any.”

When handcuffed, Allen’s friend apologizes for his actions, but Allen continues to do so until prison.

Allen: “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
Prison employees: “Well, well, Charles Manson wasn’t.”

Drinking with McCall’s Pumpkin Patch is not permitted. Allen has been charged with chaotic behavior and resisting three counts and arrests of police officers’ batteries. He is currently waiting for a trial.

New Mexico man arrested after resisting arrest by Torrance County deputies Source link New Mexico man arrested after resisting arrest by Torrance County deputies

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