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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – From Taos, Jasmine Kingley loves everything in New Mexico, especially food. “New Mexico has a great food scene, and most people may not know it,” Kingery said.

Kingery currently lives in Albuquerque and is spreading his knowledge of New Mexican cuisine at TikTok. TikTok foodies have always emphasized the unique restaurants in the area. Kingery ensures that people know what New Mexican food is. “I really just wanted to show you how great those local places are. Of course, there are franchises and corporate restaurants that you can go to, but no moms or pop shops. “Kingery said.

Restaurants such as Questa’s Wild Catsden, Raffinka, Albuquerque blends, and a variety of larger Somil markets. “Someone commented on one of my videos yesterday. If you share any of these restaurants, we’ll all attack and try,” says Kingery.

Her creative clips help these struggling companies earn extra cash. “When the video was posted within two days, we certainly know that chili chicken had to shut down for a few days because it ran out of food,” Kingery said.

It’s easy to say, “Let’s go to McDonald’s,” but it makes more sense and worth trying somewhere in the area with all their heart, “Kingery said.

With her new fame, she proves that New Mexico is something special. Kingery is in compliance with current public health orders and all videos created in the next two weeks will use the carry-out option.

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New Mexico restaurants go viral on TikTok Source link New Mexico restaurants go viral on TikTok

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