New Mexico state trooper chases down man who shot her during traffic stop – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-11-21 07:23:20 –

* WARNING: The above video may upset some viewers. *

Lagunasia, New Mexico (KRQE) — In Lagunasia, New Mexico, it was a transportation shootout that was ambushed when state police officers walked to the passenger side window and were shot in their hands.

The newly released police footage shows a better idea of ​​why the shooting was on September 12 and how Officer Sharon Durand finally tracked down the injured suspect.

The video shows that Durand did not even reach the passenger seat window before three bullets rang from the pickup truck where Durand stopped. Durand counterattacked as the shooter rushed away and hit the cab window.

Durand was pulling Robert Nelson, Arizona, as his parents hunted down a trailer that was driving across the country.

“I retreated because he hit me,” Durand explained. “I aimed at the headrest and started firing weapons.” After turning the fire back, she grabbed the handle with her bloody hands and chased Nelson for miles until she pulled.

This time she moved away from Nelson. “I want you to raise your hand and walk towards me,” she exclaimed to Nelson. “You move, I shoot.”

More police officers arrived to put Nelson in his cuffs, and body camera footage shows him saying “waiting for a lawyer.”

When police officers searched Nelson’s truck, they found a gun with his cat in a crate just below the line of fire. Meanwhile, Nelson’s father, who returned to the scene, couldn’t believe what his son had done.

“I’m grateful that the officers are okay,” he said. “Stupid, stupid child.”

Durand tried to remember everything that happened, even when he asked himself, “Can I drive to the hospital?” I was beaten with both hands. “

The Federal Bureau of Investigation also suggests that she was shot in the chest, but the bullets were stopped by her bulletproof vest.

“I’m not going to let this person take me away from my family and the people I love,” Durand said. According to a federal investigation warrant, Nelson finally gave up after calling his parents while fleeing to tell him what had happened after the shooting in Durand. His dad told him to pull.

It is still unknown why Nelson shot the policeman. Investigators said he had no criminal record and didn’t want anything.

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New Mexico state trooper chases down man who shot her during traffic stop Source link New Mexico state trooper chases down man who shot her during traffic stop

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