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New Port Richey, Florida — New Port Richey’s mother-daughter duo continues the family heritage of patience through new businesses.

Lily’s Taco’s To Go is next to a convenience store in New Port Richey along Grand Boulevard.

The quaint tacos shop hasn’t received much attention, but it has the essence of the story.

Monique Wells, a first-generation Mexican, and her mother, Lily, started their business within the past year. They are familiar with the sacrifices made before them to reach this point.

“My grandma came here, and as you know, she didn’t have English. She has five children in Mexico, leaving them here alone I started going to school and did three jobs, “said Monique.

It was that deep-seated memory that helped me start my business.

Monique admits that the journey has never been easier. She and her mother originally started a business on a food truck.

“I think more money went into the taco truck than we were making, and it was very difficult,” Monique said.

They closed the food truck before the year, but the urge to open it remained.

Monique believes her grandmother’s sacrifice as a drive behind her fire.

“If she does that, I don’t think it’s possible,” Monique said.

It’s been a few months since it opened and her business is thriving.

“People will come and buy like 10 meals at a time just to prepaid it, and then someone else will come and buy like the other 4 meals,” Monique said.

She said she was still afraid of running a business, but so was the excitement of seeing what would happen next.

“We’re still learning. We don’t even know if we did it right. For example, we don’t even know if we’re doing it right now,” Monique said. Told.

Monique’s son participates in a cooking program at Tarpon Springs High School and will become a chef to keep everything in the family.

New Port Richey taco business was generations in the making Source link New Port Richey taco business was generations in the making

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