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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-16 11:57:48 –

Boulder, Colorado — Kids spend a lot of screen time, from schoolwork to zoom classes and pastimes. Many adults ask the same question because American children grow up, access to tablets and phones, and that’s so different from how parents grow up.

“Is screen time harming young people in the country?” Asked Katie Paulich, a PhD student at CU Boulder.

She and other researchers used data from about 12,000 children aged 9 and 10 to find the answer to that question. What she and her colleagues have found may be amazing.

“We found that it was related to more friendships and stronger social relationships, and we really didn’t see depression, anxiety, anything like that.” Explained Paulich.

There was an association of children who spent more time on attention deficit, sleep deprivation, and lower grade screens. However, the study found that screening time had minimal impact on these.

Socio-economic status, for example, had a 2.5-fold impact on the outcome of such actions.

“The impact of the screen time we see is very small and not really disastrous,” she said.

Regarding stronger social relationships, Paulich states that aspects are related to online games, text messages and social media, but encourages parental involvement when children participate in these activities. ..

“Using common sense on the screen, it looks like,’If this video game is beyond my child’s age level, this may be what we want to monitor,'” Paulich said. Stated.

But what about screen time? According to the survey, the average screen time for children was 4 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on weekends. Even if it seemed to be a long time, the impact was small.

Paulich says that some things to remember, however, are the content they are consuming. The more brain use your child has, the better.

“We know that video games are more sociable than watching a very stagnant TV, but the bottom line is that you need to be careful, but you really don’t have to worry. That’s what Paulich said.

Hopefully it will provide some relief to parents who see their children living more lives on the screen.

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