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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-05-05 23:10:54 –

Franklin, Virginia — da Vinci Xi is the latest member of the medical team at BonSecours Southampton Memorial Hospital in Franklin. This is the first time in this rural area, and Dr. Yassar Yousef says robots have made it easier to perform surgery.

“This is the main reason I join the team here because of the availability of the system and what it provides to patients and the area here,” Youssef said.

Youssef and Dr. Ghias Rana are two doctors who are eligible to use da Vinci Xi. Rana of OBGYN shared the same feelings about robots that facilitate surgery.

“We are very optimistic about the future of Da Vinci here in Franklin, just like any other hospital offering Da Vinci,” Lana said.

They admire the machine’s ability to make small, accurate incisions. This means that patients can be separated on the same day, without the need for extensive pain or recovery treatment, and with a higher success rate.

According to a press release, Bon Secours acquired the hospital’s robots towards the end of 2020. The best part for them is that the patient does not have to travel far.

“These patients had to leave the area to do this care elsewhere, but now they can do it here,” said hospital president Kim Marks. It was. “I will perform a procedure that I could not perform before.”

The da Vinci Xi is stored in the operating room next to other equipment needed for surgery.

Surgical procedures work as follows: The patient lies at the table and the doctor sits in front of a device where a team of nurses can help him, while the doctor can see the robot from that point. Perform views and surgery.

If the robot wasn’t in the hospital, “I wouldn’t be here, elementary school,” Youssef said. “I don’t do much laparoscopic surgery anymore. I don’t have laparotomy anymore. I only do robotic surgery.”

Marks said he is currently training more people in Da Vinci.

“What we want now is to bring additional surgeons to our area and our community,” Marks said. “And with this technology, we can recruit surgeons and, as I said, provide better care near home.”

Julio Avila WTKR I first reported this story.

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