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New Santa Ana | CA Governor Newsom will lift the Pandemic Executive Orders on June 15 – Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana, California 2021-06-13 23:30:05 –

Sacramento-Governor Gavin Newsom has taken action today to lift the pandemic executive order in line with state movements. Beyond the blueprint Next week, it will resume completely safely. This includes the end of a stay-at-home order to protect Californians in the early days of the pandemic and the abolition of the blueprint for a safer economy. From June 15th, restrictions such as physical distance, capacity restrictions, and county hierarchy systems will end.

The Governor also continued to reduce administrative measures implemented after March 2020 to facilitate a coordinated response to the pandemic and enable the state to respond quickly and efficiently to the effects of the pandemic. I am. As the state continues to vaccinate millions of qualified Californians each week, a subset of provisions that promote continued recovery, such as those that allow pharmacy technicians to vaccinate, continue to apply. Will be done.

Governor Newsom said, “California has turned this pandemic page thanks to the swift action taken by the state and the efforts of Californians who have been vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities in accordance with public health guidelines. I am. ” “With nearly 40 million vaccines in place, one of the lowest cases in the country, we are vigilant to protect the health and safety of the public and affect Californians as the pandemic continues. I am releasing orders every day. “

A stay-at-home order that directs Californians to limit interaction with people in other households leads to the state’s decisive and early action and the strengthening and mitigation of permissible activities based on the level of community transmission. Blueprint standards save viruses, save lives, and prevent the state’s health care delivery system from being overwhelmed. With about 40 million vaccines administered, California, one of the country’s lowest case rates, has entered a new phase, lifting these restrictions and resuming it altogether on June 15.

The Governor’s Office today suspended various legislation and regulations to help states and businesses continue to operate during the pandemic, a timeline to continue abolishing various provisions of 58 COVID-related executive orders. And established the process. Regulations will be phased out later this month, July, and September to give affected individuals and entities time to prepare for changes. For example, the suspension of a manufacturer’s specific licensing requirements for manufacturing hand sanitizers will end on June 30, as shortages are no longer a concern. By the end of September, nearly 90% of enforcement measures taken after March 2020 will be lifted.

Today, the California Public Health Service New State Public Health Officer Order This will take effect on June 15th. This order replaces the previous pandemic public health order with limited requirements related to face coverings and mega-events, and a setting for children and adolescents scheduled to update the K-12 school guidance later this month. .. Published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This action is a complete and safe state, while maintaining focused public health requirements to address the risks posed by variants, as high levels of infection continue in the country and in some parts of the world. Supports resumption.

You can find a copy of the order ending the blueprint for a stay-at-home order and a safer economy Here..You can find a copy of the order that rolls back additional pandemic order terms Here..

New Santa Ana | CA Governor Newsom will lift the Pandemic Executive Orders on June 15
Source link New Santa Ana | CA Governor Newsom will lift the Pandemic Executive Orders on June 15

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