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Santa Ana, California 2020-10-18 00:00:09 –

Candidate for Mayor of Santa Ana Marc Lopez He couldn’t afford the candidate’s statement, so he asked us to post it here. Those statements can cost more than $ 2000. If you’re running for the Santa Ana office and can’t afford to buy a statement, send it to us. I will post it here.

Born in the old Santa Ana Hospital on Washington Street. A longtime resident of Santa Ana, son of Eddie and Isabel Lopez, he worked hard to instill pride in himself and traditional family values. Marc Lopez attended St. Ancatholic School and Matterday High School. Pop Warner Football, South East Little League; Junior League Basketball at the Old YMCA was part of his childhood experience. He has served his country for over 25 years in the United States Army and the United States Coast Guard. He is now promised to serve Santa Ana.

Lopez is running to encourage residents to engage in civic activities. Consensus of effort is one of the main ideas he wants to promote. If he wins, he puts Santa Ana residents first and promises not to be reluctant to make decisions because of concerns about reelection and political career image.

Tasks to be performed and benchmarks:

  • We propose to change the city charter to make the mayor and city council positions full-time.
  • Resolve the large gap between the Santa Ana Police Department and the inhabitants of our city with a white paper survey on our contract with the police.
  • Promote a large-scale revitalization project underway on 4th Avenue in downtown. This can be a huge financial blow to boost the local economy, employment and tax revenues.
  • “Without a safe and prosperous city, America cannot be strong.” This is what Lopez wants from Santa Ana.

Pride Poise Courage — Mayor’s Mark Cell 714-371-3505.

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