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New Santa Ana | OC Office on Aging launches toolkit to help older adults to safely reenter public spaces – Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana, California 2021-09-14 12:39:20 –

Santa Ana, CA-Launched online by the Orange County (OC) Aging Department Elderly Programming: COVID-19 Resource Toolkit Today, to support senior centers and community-based organizations, we are safely caring for the elderly who are resurrecting after the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine period.

Older Adults Programming: The COVID-19 Resource Toolkit contains guidance and information on a variety of topics, including:

• Recognize signs of mental health needs
• Appropriate social skills for safe interactions
• Helping older people with technology barriers
• Support for sadness and loss
• Caregiver support
• Adult programs and residential care guidance
• Self-care tips for staff and volunteers

OC Office on Aging recognized the need for a toolkit during the summer when senior centers and other senior service programs throughout Orange County resumed and began returning to pre-pandemic services. Understanding the negative long-term consequences of isolation, OC Office on Aging addresses the hesitation, fear, mental and physical decline of older people, and the safety of older people and the staff and volunteers who care for them. We have started building the toolkit.

“The pandemic isolation has had a major impact on the well-being of older people,” said Andrew Do, president of District 1 of the Orange County Oversight Board. “Their involvement in the community is more important than ever. Resource toolkits include older people themselves in re-entering the community in a safe and healthy way during this time of the pandemic. We provide excellent guidance to those who care for others. “

Older Adults Programming: OC Office on Aging has formed the Orange County Senior Re-Emergency Steering Committee to assist in the development and launch of the COVID-19 Resource Toolkit. The members of the committee consisted of key stakeholders of OC Office on Aging, urban and non-profit providers, and other experts and served as advisors. Sharing and reviewing toolkit content. I tested the toolkit. All used health inequalities lenses.

“During the pandemic, we were forced to work fairly to serve the elderly,” said Mario Ortega, CEO of Abrazar and co-chair of the Orange County Senior Re-Emergency Steering Committee. .. “Through the COVID-19 crisis, communities and senior centers were important in supporting the needs of the most vulnerable community members. We are all innovative in changing service offerings to support the community. Brought creative and resilient. This toolkit is a continuation of these efforts. Centralized to service providers to help seniors in Orange County access resources and continue healing. We would like to provide you with resources. “

The members of the Orange County Senior Re-Emergency Steering Committee are:

• Abrazar
• Access to California services
• Agewell Senior Services
• Alzheimer’s Orange County
• Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center
• California Department of Veterans Affairs
• Costa Mesa Community Services
• Aging Council
• Lahabra Family Resource Center / Institute for Healthcare Advancement
• Meal at Wheel Orange County
• Cooperation between OC veterans and military families
• Aging / OC Community Services Office
• Senior Citizens Advisory Board (SCAC)
• Seal Beach City Planning Commission / Seal Beach Leisure World

To access the toolkit, go to the following website: Questions About Elderly Programming: COVID-19 Resource Toolkit, Email Alternatively, call (800) 510-2020.

The Orange County Aging Department serves as the primary advocate for the county’s approximately 600,000 elderly people over the age of 60, with a particular focus on low-income ethnic minorities. As an advocate, OC Office on Aging is responsible for understanding the needs of senior citizens in Orange County and using the available federal funds and programs to meet those requirements. In addition, OC Office on Aging is responsible for directing or participating in the coalition government to promote new ideas, services, and legislation to support older people. Finally, this department is to take a positive view and help people in the senior services industry, both public and private, plan the future needs of this mass.

New Santa Ana | OC Office on Aging launches toolkit to help older adults to safely reenter public spaces
Source link New Santa Ana | OC Office on Aging launches toolkit to help older adults to safely reenter public spaces

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