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New Santa Ana | OCDA Spitzer confirms there was sexual harassment in his office – Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana, California 2021-05-07 19:06:55 –

Todd Spitzer, District Attorney for Santa Ana-Orange County, California, issued the following statement today:

An independent outside law firm hired by the county’s CEO conducted an investigation and concluded that the Orange County District Prosecutor’s Office had previously discovered and disclosed it to the county. Former OCDA manager sexually harassed several female prosecutors in the office.

In an independent investigation, OCDA responded promptly and appropriately in response to learning of these allegations and concluded that employees did not receive retaliation.

As soon as allegations of fraud and improper behavior caught our attention, we began an immediate investigation with OCDAHR. This fact is indisputable and confirmed by the report.

Employees accused of harassment took leave immediately after the initial investigation by OCDA and consultation and direction by county HR and EEO. The employee chose to submit his resignation the day after his leave.

I have made it clear that I have never personally witnessed any alleged or similar behavior in this interaction with a former employee, or have been informed of such behavior. I am doing it. If I had known these claims at all times, I would have taken swift and decisive action.

We can now completely rest the false perception that I or my senior management had some knowledge of these nasty acts before the witnesses came.

I’m sick of this manager’s aggressive and basic behavior. No one needs to suffer silently, and these prosecutors are protected by me and my office. I was even more angry and angry that the manager discriminated against and harassed others.

Office-wide harassment prevention training for all staff and additional training for managers are an ongoing requirement of state law. We ensure that all lawyers and employees are trained and commit fraud to managers, unions, EEOs and counties, and OCDAHR at multiple levels, depending on the level of employee comfort. You are encouraged to report.

I agree with these core beliefs and have endorsed them every day in my professional career for over 30 years.

The Orange County Law Firm does not tolerate any kind of harassment at work. We will continue to support those who believe they have been harassed.

I have an established track record of making employees accountable regardless of their existing relationship with me.

Allegations of harassment in the workplace have been and will continue to be investigated thoroughly and thoroughly by my office, regardless of timing, potential motivation, or interpersonal relationships.

FOr for the past 30 years as a civil servant, I refused to tolerate workplace harassment and racism – and now I refuse to tolerate it. It’s not rhetoric. It’s a fact.

New Santa Ana | OCDA Spitzer confirms there was sexual harassment in his office
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