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New Santa Ana | The drop in affordable housing fees has led to more development in Santa Ana – Santa Ana, California

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Santa Ana, CA-Two new large apartments are under development, thanks to the Santa Ana City Council’s strategic efforts to amend the Housing Opportunity Ordinance and actively respond to the economic impact of the pandemic.

These are the first two developers to get a building permit and pay an affordable housing fee instead of the low price of $ 5 per square foot approved by the city council this summer. After being enacted in 2015, no developer previously paid $ 15 per square foot.

“Amid the unprecedented economic challenges of a pandemic, I think it’s fundamental to find a way to lower the threshold for entry into construction here in town,” said Santa Ana Mayor Miguel A. Pride. ..

The city council’s efforts to revitalize Santa Ana’s economy began in the midst of a pandemic as Santa Ana experienced the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. On August 18, the City Council considered the City Housing Opportunity Ordinance (HOO) and the fees that apartment developers would have to pay instead of offering affordable housing units under the ordinance.

The city council has heard from developers that the $ 15 alternative fee required per square foot makes it difficult to finance the city’s apartment projects. In response to this need and a pandemic that strangles Santa Ana’s economic engine, the city council has temporarily reduced the rates for these developers from $ 15 to $ 5 per square foot. This is an incentive for them to start construction and construction of the project, creating both jobs and new housing for Santa Ana residents, and an additional property tax is approaching.

Since then, two developers have paid and embarked on the project. The city has received over $ 3.7 million for the development of affordable housing opportunities that would otherwise not have been received. One project is the old site of Elks Lodge. 1660 E. 1st St., This will be a 603 unit apartment complex with 20,000 square feet of commercial space.The other is a complex of 226 apartments 651W.Sunflower Avenue

The Wall Street Journal editorial board praised the city’s efforts, writing that “the city of Santa Ana is trying to do something about housing shortages, so other cities in the state should pay attention.”

The newspaper said: “Santa Ana’s construction lags behind its fellow cities in Orange County. According to the nonprofit Up for Growth, inventory of apartments in the county has increased by 20.1% overall over the last two decades, but Santa Ana. Supply increased 7.5%. According to the American Community Survey, Santa Ana added just 3,000 homes between 2010 and 2018, increasing its share of more than 20 apartment development from 16.6% to 14.4%. It is estimated that it has decreased. “

This strategic and proactive effort by the city council continues to advance the construction of housing in the city, despite the difficult economic conditions caused by the pandemic.

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New Santa Ana | The drop in affordable housing fees has led to more development in Santa Ana Source link New Santa Ana | The drop in affordable housing fees has led to more development in Santa Ana

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