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New Santa Ana | The reported AutoZone kidnapping turned out to be an extortion attempt – Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana, California 2021-01-12 23:04:03 –

Remember the kidnapping you reported yesterday AutoZone on South Bristol Street and McFadden In Santa Ana? It turned out to be a strange blackmail attempt!

The incident began when someone called the AutoZone store and talked to the store manager. The caller claimed that if the money was not sent to him, he would send people to the store with a gun.

The store manager panicked after the phone call. He then took the undisclosed amount from the cashier and waited for the suspect to appear to get their money. But they never appeared, so he then left the store with cash on foot.

It turns out that the store manager was given additional instructions to transfer the money to the account. SAPD does not yet know where the store manager sent the money or how much it sent.

According to SAPD, the poor store manager was afraid of his life and followed the instructions.

While this was happening, SAPD police officers were looking for suspects in the area who thought they had fled in cash.

The unfortunate store manager was able to leave the place where he wired the money and get the police officer’s attention in a police car.

SAPD police detectives eventually cleared up the turmoil and realized that the caller was probably calling from somewhere in Mexico based on his phone number.

Shortly after police found the store manager, another caller called another AutoZone store and tried the same tricks as another employee. But this time, the employee in question called the police instead to avoid being blackmailed.

SAPD reported that no one was injured during the incident. They have no suspects. Detectives may find it difficult to track down suspects because the phone they used to commit these crimes was either deactivated or was a burner phone in the first place.

By the way, some of our readers have reported many attempts by suspects to blackmail them from money. The caller pretends to be calling from a utility such as So. Cal. Edison or gas company. Keep in mind that the utility will never call a resident or request a strange payment. The utility relies on traditional email to send invoices.

Locals have often been targeted by callers from Mexico in extortion attempts, including alleged kidnapping of loved ones, according to SAPD reports.

However, local police have never seen a company targeted by this type of extortion attempt.

If in doubt, it is advisable to call the police before giving in to the malicious caller’s request over the phone.

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New Santa Ana | The reported AutoZone kidnapping turned out to be an extortion attempt Source link New Santa Ana | The reported AutoZone kidnapping turned out to be an extortion attempt

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