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New store wants to make outdoor more accessible – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-17 21:23:57 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) – A new business in southern Nevada is working to make the outdoors more accessible.

People bring in gently used gear and the team will price it and sell it to a new outdoor consignment store.

The Peaks and Pedal Gear Exchange will open this week from Tenaya Way and Craig Road.

According to owner Holly Priest, high-quality gear can cost hundreds of dollars and is built to last, so reselling is environmentally friendly and budget-friendly.

“Many of the gear I buy for outdoor use can last a long time, so one of my jackets on the floor is the Patagonia jacket I’ve had since 2007, untouched. It seems like, “said Priest.

The concept of a shop consignment is not only to make it easy to try out new activities, but also to foster a recreational community.

“If that’s not what we want to invest in completely, but want to try it this season and then sell it back or give it to someone else who is very interesting to us,” Sonia Petkewitch said. Said.

Priests say education and safety are important elements of their store. They make sure the gear fits properly and educate the buyer before going out enjoying the outdoors.

“I love Nevada. I’m a Nevada-born native. I think there’s a lot of recreational potential here. I made this to support it,” the priest added. ..

If people don’t want to sell items. The show takes donations. Part of the profit will be donated to various outdoor nonprofits in the valley.

For more information, please visit: Peaks & pedal gear.

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