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New study finds COVID-19 survivors may only need 1 vaccine shot – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-02-17 13:20:56 –

Washington DC — Nowadays, it’s a familiar situation at vaccine distribution locations. The dose of COVID-19 vaccine is insufficient even for those who have confirmed reservations.

“There is a shortage and there are no vaccinations to distribute here today,” a worker at a site in Southern California told people in line.

Those who were waiting for the shot remained disappointed.

“I think it’s scary. I think it’s really scary,” said Beverly Key.

Part of the problem is that all currently approved COVID-19 vaccines require two separate shots. But now, a new study shows that not everyone needs two shots.

“We thought,’Well, this is a unique opportunity to do additional research,'” said Dr. Anthony Harris, an infectious disease doctor. University of Maryland School of Medicine.

After performing a COVID-19 antibody test on 10,000 health workers, he and his colleagues scrutinize nearly 60 health workers who were previously infected with the virus and subsequently vaccinated. I made it.

“People who have been infected with COVID-19 before have assumed that their behavior is likely to be different, which is essentially what we have found,” he said.

Discovery: Healthcare workers who previously had COVID-19 already had antibodies from fighting the virus. Immediately after their first vaccination, their bodies showed the levels of antibodies normally found after receiving two doses.

“When they receive the first dose of the vaccine, they have this large amount of antibody response at very high levels in response to the first dose,” said Dr. Harris.

This means that people who have recovered from COVID-19 are likely to be vaccinated up to eight months ago with a single vaccination instead of two, even in very mild cases, Dr. Harris said. It may help increase the amount of vaccine available.

Their research is not alone. Others have found similar results.

“Once a week, four studies were published, which prompted the government to review the data quickly,” said Dr. Harris. “Therefore, as an example, at the end of last week, France announced that anyone who had previously had the coronavirus would be at the bottom of the priority list and would only receive one dose when vaccinated. did.”

This study is currently being reviewed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and peer-reviewed by other scientists. But for now, two doses are the norm for everyone in the United States who are using the currently approved vaccine.

However, Dr. Harris said the new study could help governments around the world better manage the limited vaccine supply currently available and could help delay viral mutations. It states.

“The sooner people are vaccinated, the lower the risk of these mutants,” Dr. Harris said.

You can take a closer look at the research results by click here..

New study finds COVID-19 survivors may only need 1 vaccine shot Source link New study finds COVID-19 survivors may only need 1 vaccine shot

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