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The City of Boston addresses the past and present impacts of discrimination, inequality, obstacles and barriers in the procurement process affecting minority ownership (MBE) and women ownership (WBE) through significant investment in staffing and program needs. We are taking bold action to do so. )business.

These actions are based on the Boston City Promise announced in February 2021. Parallax study,including Executive order Designed to support a fair sourcing policy. The Executive Order recognizes the results of the inequality survey, sets an annual urban spending target of 25% for women and minority-owned businesses, and develops a supplier diversity plan to support procurement in line with city targets. Established.

“These announcements have made great strides in how the city deliberately incorporates fairness into the opportunities for companies to bid on city contracts,” said Mayor Jenny. “Today, we are proud to begin a series of concrete actions taken to break down the barriers to the participation of minority and women-owned businesses to address the city’s inequality in contract opportunities. ”

In 2021, the City of Boston reassigned $ 2 million overtime from the Boston Police Department to the Mayor’s Department of Economic Development to support its efforts to address supplier diversity. Today’s announcement includes many key resources to build staffing capabilities and modernize procurement tracking to implement new initiatives to expand minority and women-owned business opportunities. I will. Program support for a business includes technical assistance, streamlining the business certification process, access to capital, and directly linking Boston’s business and contracting opportunities.

Investing in supplier diversity

In February 2021, the City of Boston promised to develop a Supplier Diversity Program after the city’s inequality survey was completed. As part of the city’s $ 2 million supplier diversity investment, a new supplier diversity team has been created to lead this task. The team includes five full-time staff in the Equity and Inclusion Unit of the Mayor’s Bureau of Economic Development. This new team will develop comprehensive procurement practices, monitor city contracts, provide technical assistance to businesses, provide corporate certification, and connect minority and women-owned businesses to current and future contract opportunities. Lead the city’s efforts. In addition, the city’s first Strategic Procurement Director was hired by the Administrative and Treasury Cabinet to support the city’s commitment to equitable procurement across all departments of the city.

The City of Boston will further streamline the city’s sourcing and certification process to remove barriers to contract opportunities in order to achieve the city’s fair sourcing target of 25% of annual spending with minority and women-owned businesses. I am investing. This includes modernizing internal tracking systems and fully automating current business processes for MBE and WBE vendor certification.

Boston Contract Opportunity Fund

The new $ 750,000 fund will support Certified Women (WBE), Minority (MBE), Veteran Owners (VSBE), and Small Businesses (SLBE) who want to compete for city contract opportunities in Boston. Run by the mayor’s Department of Economic Development, the fund grants up to $ 15,000 to companies with specific development needs to bid on city contracts. Capacity building was one of the needs identified by the inequality survey to increase the availability of diverse companies ready to compete for city contracts. The application period for the fund is from Thursday, April 15, 2021 to Monday, May 17, 2021. Applicants can participate in two live information webinsar to ask questions about the eligibility and criteria of this fund. Webins are recorded and posted online.t Register to join one of our live virtual sessions.

Pilot contracts for minority and women-owned participation goals

The city will officially begin piloting the implementation of minority and women-owned enterprise participation goals in the city’s contracts. The first contract planned for the pilot program is the Malcolm X Park Improvement Project. Through this pilot, we aim to provide a variety of companies with the opportunity to participate in future comprehensive refurbishments, including basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, and lawn field upgrades. The city’s 22-26 capital plan will increase the project budget from $ 5.9 million to $ 9.4 million, an increase of $ 3.5 million.

Road to City Contract Virtual Opportunity Fair

The Supplier Diversity Team will host the Pathways to City Contracting Opportunity Fair on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. At virtual events, companies meet one-on-one with city sector representatives to find out about future contract opportunities. With their expertise. When participants attend a virtual event, they can click on a virtual “table” to talk directly to city buyers. We encourage local businesses to join in to learn more about contracts with the city. Register to effectively participate in:

About the Mayor’s Economic Development Bureau

The mission of the Economic Development Cabinet is to make Boston an attractive and accessible place for families, entrepreneurs, businesses and investors, promote inclusion, expand opportunities, share prosperity and thereby improve quality of life. Innovate, grow and prosper in a way. For the experience for all Bostonians and all visitors.

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release date: Wednesday, April 7, 2021-3:34 pm

New supplier diversity programs to foster equity in City contracting Source link New supplier diversity programs to foster equity in City contracting

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