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The next time you need emergency treatment, you may be able to get a traditional home visit instead.

Tucson Medical Center officials last week announced that they would partner with Dispatch Health to provide patients with comprehensive, home-based acute care.

TMC is currently the only hospital in the Tucson metropolitan area offering this mobile emergency medical model.

DispatchHealth currently operates four active “rover” (cars) servicing the larger subway from 8am to 10pm seven days a week, including holidays.

Every Rover has a Dispatch Health medical team trained in emergency care, complete with the tools and treatments needed to provide home care to patients, including on-site diagnostics and laboratory improvement certification laboratories. ..

Lead nurse practitioner Robin Green said the services his colleagues provide are so good that they can be trusted enough to take care of their mother. Green has been a nurse practitioner for eight years and has worked with Tucson’s Dispatch Health for the past 15 months. She has already made 2,500 visits in a few months and has a partnership with Dispatch and TMC.

Green uses the rover to perform EKG scans, IV settings, on-site medications, cut sewing, COVID-19, flu, UTI, STD diagnosis, blood tests, ultrasound and x-rays, etc. I can.

“I know this is the future of healthcare,” Green said. “People want to stay home, don’t want to leave.”

This partnership provides an alternative for patients who do not want to visit a hospital or do not have access to their GP. It may also be a safe option for patients who do not want to risk catching COVIDs and other bugs in ERs and emergency care facilities.

Jeanne Rhodes, TMC Director of Case Management, said that not everyone who goes to ER or emergency care needs to be hospitalized. Instead, they can help very well in the comfort of their own home.

“In most cases, if you’re surrounded by the right environment, you’ll be better at home in that environment, so you can make the right calls to the right patients at the right time,” Rhodes said. ..

Patients admitted to TMC who may be readmitted through a Dispatch Health Bridge Care visit will be visited by Dispatch and will be seen somewhere between 24-72 hours. They assess their homes, food insecurity, and social determinants of health.

The partnership between TMC and Dispatch Health will help reduce stress on TMC’s overwhelming system as well as hospital patients. During the course of COVID outbreaks, many hospitals were frequently overloaded, sometimes requiring patients to be sent to other states, and sometimes to other hospitals.

Dan Gibson, director of communications and marketing at TMC, said hospitals want to reduce the number of hospital readmissions. DispatchHealth has a history of reducing readmissions by 30%.

“We at the Tucson Medical Center wanted to do something different, beyond what other organizations do, primarily to continue to provide superior care and access to patients in the community.” Said Gibson. “You are looking for a partner who is doing very well. It would be an easy decision for us if we could bring it to this market and work together to take care of people in a better way.”

Many people do not have access to technology, health care, or transportation, so this collaboration provides an alternative that is accessible to everyone in the Tucson Metro area. Dispatch Health accepts most insurance companies.

For more information, please visit: dispatchhealth.com..

New TMC medical rovers make old-fashioned house calls | Explore Wellness Source link New TMC medical rovers make old-fashioned house calls | Explore Wellness

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