New Tommies men’s hockey coach Rico Blasi is focused on process, not wins, to start – Twin Cities

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Rico Blage had never grown up in Minnesota or played hockey here, but when Tommys moved to Division I, he influenced Minnesota hockey as the new head coach at the University of St. Thomas.

Blasi has been head coach in Miami, Ohio for 20 years, leading Red Hawks to 398 victories, 10 NCAA tournaments and two Frozen Fours. His total victory is 12th among active division I men’s hockey coaches.

The 49-year-old Blasi will take over the team playing for the newly formed Central University Hockey Association (CCHA), an eight-team league that includes Minnesota State Mankato and Bemidji.

At the original CCHA, which broke up after the 2012-13 season, Blasi won five Coach of the Year awards. The new conference will begin in 2021-22.

Blasi, who was fired by Miami after the 2018-19 season, was a quasi-athletic director of male and female hockey at Providence College before being hired to teach Tommy’s.

Blasi was hired in Miami by then-Miami Athletics Director Joel Maturi, who later ran the University of Minnesota Athletics Program and worked with Tommys Athletics Director Phil Esten.

Pioneer Press spoke with Brush about his career and became Head Coach of the Division I Program in the state, which sent all five college hockey programs to the NCAA tournament this past season.

I think it came out. And my answer to that is that it is our goal. Our goal is to have all six (Minnesota) teams participate in the national competition. And hopefully, one day it could be the Frozen Four for all four Minnesota teams. So can we get there? I think you can.

The team that was there last year Everything is well taught. There is a tremendous program running in Minnesota and we want to be sixth. And how long does it take? It’s up to you how well you can play in the next few years. But it’s a process, so it doesn’t try to take shortcuts. We want to do it the right way.

Probably the biggest challenge It’s about keeping us focused on the process, not being too obsessed with the results, and making sure we’re getting better every day. Obviously, we are all very competitive and want to win the game. However, there are processes involved in building a sustainable culture. And there are many aspects to it: recruiting the right people for St. Thomas, making sure we’re getting stronger from the ice, and getting away from the links and doing what we need to do. class. And being a good citizen, not only for St. Thomas, but for our community as well.

So all of them will work — Don’t get caught trying to do our daily activities, processes, and easy or shortcut methods. So I think that’s probably the biggest challenge.

Recruitment is part of that. Make sure we establish ourselves, network and build relationships not only within the state but throughout the country.

Obviously for us in St. Thomas I think You need to be locally good (in recruitment). So it starts at Minnesota’s house, and then we work our way from there. And I’m not so involved where we go, as opposed to making sure we fit properly. As we all know, there are a lot of very good players in our own state, so 100%, we’re going to start in our own state. And we want those people to be Tommy.

There were many requests Already from an out-of-state player. Therefore, St. Thomas will be the destination for many players, but they need to be properly adapted.

I think it will be what we are tracking Build relationships with athletes throughout high school and make sure you understand student athletes of all levels. And try to bring the player when you’re ready at the right time. Great if it’s a high school student. If it’s a player who has played a junior for a year, a couple of years, that’s fine. So you’ll probably see a pretty good mix. I think that’s how we hire today.

I am a relationship-based man. And I take a very holistic approach to development. It’s not just hockey. It’s about growing you as an individual, physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. We take them all and strive to be our best version every day.

I think it’s important to sit down With everything (current player). Start the process of getting to know each other and assessing where you are. I had a chance to watch it on video, but I want to see it directly. I want to talk face to face. These kids have spent a lot of time. These kids came to St. Thomas for a reason. I want to make sure that I respect it.

And obviously there will be some players This will also be part of the team, but we’ll be hiring it here in the next few minutes. Therefore, finding the right combination is important and balanced. And we take it one step at a time. This process is now of paramount importance in building the program the right way.

The current team is now I have a player who has moved in from Division I to play in St. Thomas. So there are some people who have the divisions I have experienced.

It should be perfect for us Perfect for student athletes. Not everyone wants to believe what we are trying to do, and not everyone wants to be part of it.

For my years (as an assistant) at the University of Denver, (Minnesota) was clearly the place we wanted to attract players. Not only are there many players playing D1, but there are also talented and talented players. So it’s foolish to stay in Minnesota and at least try to hire.

There were one, two or three guys in Miami, Depending on the year, it was from the state of hockey. Some of them ended up being some of my best captains. So I’m very familiar with watching high school hockey (in Minnesota). Minnesota’s development model is second to none.

The state of hockey, it’s amazing. I love it. I love hockey. I love development models. I am part of that and am excited to continue building our relationships and networks.

I didn’t see anything else (Except for coaching St. Thomas). I love time in Providence. And I was an administrator and very happy to work for great people in Providence. Therefore, when this opportunity comes, Joel Maturi clearly makes up the majority. It really snowballed very very quickly. And, in my opinion, Dr. Esten follows the same pattern as Joel Maturi. We are doing really well. I think we are in line with our values ​​and our perspective on things.

I think all kinds go in a cycle (And leaving Miami was part of that). For us, we won the NCHC Championship in 2015. The hiring environment was beginning to change. Obviously, if you lose a player every year, it’s difficult to join that league. And fortunately, we were looking for some high-end players, who also started early (to play professionally).

So that’s what it is. And I’m very proud of what we did in Miami. We are proud of all the players we had. And, after all, it’s a decision made (to fire me) and I respect it. I am grateful for my 20 years of experience in Miami and the relationship. And all those experiences will be what we bring to St. Thomas. I am excited to take this opportunity and we are ready to go.

New Tommies men’s hockey coach Rico Blasi is focused on process, not wins, to start – Twin Cities Source link New Tommies men’s hockey coach Rico Blasi is focused on process, not wins, to start – Twin Cities

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