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New training helps healthcare workers identify sex trafficking victims – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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The holiday season is considered one of the most dangerous times for trafficking victims. People who traffick often take advantage of their busy schedules to blend in with the crowd.

According to the Safehouse Project, an organization that provides a safe living environment for victims of sexual trafficking, 88% of trafficked children encounter health care workers during trafficking. Still, less than 1% of them are identified by one. This is an amazing statistic that identifies two things: the silence of a problem and the amount of need for a solution.

“I immediately returned to interacting with health care workers and thought how many knew something was happening, but couldn’t put their finger on it,” said the survivor of sex trafficking. Said Aria Deweez.

When Dewees was eight, she met online with a man who could give her what the family couldn’t do at the time: love, value, and a promise of success. It led to worship, trust, and six to ten years of the most turbulent years of Dewees’ life.

“Still, I was uncomfortable with how I felt, but I resigned from that idea,” Dewees said. “I knew that others had other options, but they didn’t experience what I had.”

When Dewees turned 18, she turned to another sex trafficking survivor who was able to get out of the system and contacted an organization to help. It provided her shelter and opportunities for safety and new life.

By his mid-twenties, Dewees had moved to Chicago to gain a stable job and build a foothold. That’s when the Safehouse Project contacted her to work for their organization. She initially resisted, but then accepted the idea and is now working full-time, promoting new educational classes developed by the organization for healthcare professionals and better targeting victims of sexual trafficking. We are able to identify and provide support.

This course was held in October to teach healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors how to identify non-verbal signs of trafficking such as bruises, sexual health history, overwhelming parents, and discomfort. It was deployed.

The hope is to increase 1% of the victims of sexual trafficking identified when they came due to health-related issues.

Brittany Dan, COO of the Safehouse Project, said:

New training helps healthcare workers identify sex trafficking victims Source link New training helps healthcare workers identify sex trafficking victims

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