New treaty between France and Italy overturns EU politics

NSHis list Much of what France and Italy have been discussing over the last decade can range from serious to stupid. Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi have abandoned immigrants from Italy to France.when Yellow vest movement Luigi Di Maio, then Deputy Prime Minister, who appeared in France, provided his support to the protesting gas station. “The wind of change has crossed the Alps,” said Dimaio. France protested this by pulling the ambassador back to Paris across the Alps. In Libya, I noticed that Italy and France supported the other side in the civil war at the gateway to Europe. The Italian minister even complained that the French were trying to claim that Leonardo da Vinci was French and spelled his name incorrectly to insult him.

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Such lines have disappeared in the last year. A cozy dinner has replaced diplomatic slang. In September, President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi chatted after midnight at a four-hour meeting at the Michelin 3-star restaurant Le Petit Nice in Marseille, including a set menu and wine for € 590 ($ 665). I did. .. The upset of French political populists by Italian politicians is a thing of the past and has been superseded by Macron’s and Draghi’s fierce agreement. To consolidate the improved relationship, Macron and Draghi were set to sign the long-discussed treaty between France and Italy. economist I went to the press.The treaty covers everything from defense integration to migration and the incentives that young people experience. Label France When La Dolce Vita..

The model is the Elysee Treaty, signed by the French and German governments in 1963, and has since provided the backbone of the line-wide relationship. Such a comparison may seem overkill. Filling the hatchery after the Continental War is a bigger problem than filling it up after non-diplomatic diplomacy. However, this ignores the speed and ridicule that propelled the signing of the Elysee Treaty. Charles de Gaulle saw this document as a way to move the wedge between Germany and the United States. It was not mentioned at the meeting between German and French leaders last month. Indeed, it was thrown together so quickly that German diplomats had to compete with Hermes in Paris to find a properly magnificent leather folder for its signature.

Such treaties are often about something else. If the Franco-German Treaty was really about the United States, then the Franco-Italian Treaty is about Germany. Or they say officials from other countries are watching carefully. Each party of the new German government offers something that France is worried about, whether it’s a weak defense policy of the Social Democratic Party, a pledge of the Liberal Democratic Party, or a fierce opposition to everything in the green core. .. France needs choices and Italy is a good choice.

In 2020, when France and Italy jointly promoted common debt, which is a dream of Germany but a nightmare of Germany, we could get a glimpse of the possibility of a partnership between France and Italy. .. Angela Merkel’s withdrawal from the government of the Christian Democratic Union EULiquidate the power relations of. But no matter how much the situation improves between France and Italy, Germany will continue to be France’s major ally.Transactions that are accepted in both France and Germany are probably accepted by most people EU Countries; trades accepted by Italy and France may struggle for cross-Mediterranean support. A major policy shift requires the permanence of France and Italy. However, it still requires a German permit.

instead, EUThe largest three countries are most likely the result of a treaty.Germany EUFrance is the largest member of the group and is the most politically dynamic, at least under Mr. Macron. But Italy is the most important. Whether Italy, the club’s third-largest economy, can return to true growth in decades will determine the financial health of the club. How Italy deals with the post-Draghi era is that almost half of Italian voters support Lega (far right), Italian compatriots (far right), Forza Italia (always present Berlusconi’s vehicle). Suggests. Club politics.Italy that can be shaped EU Discussions such as spending rule relaxation and migration are suitable for addressing both issues.

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For Italy, the treaty speaks more about itself than its relationship with France. While at the Italian Treasury, Draghi worked on preparing to join the euro.The rationale is il Vincolo Esteno, External constraints: Italy, tied to a monetary union, no longer suffers from voluntary problems such as high inflation. Draghi is now a technocratic politician, not a political technocrat, and is following a similar strategy in the government. Under Draghi, Italy has promised extensive reforms that will take years to implement, maximizing the € 190 billion share of the € 750 billion recovery fund. If Italy wants money, it has to follow the policies set by Draghi, regardless of who runs the show.

Trading with France is another constraint. Once the treaty is signed, mild bureaucratic relationships should continue, even in the most stormy politics. Both Draghi and Macron know that they will never exist. Their successors may make Sarkozy look like Zen and Berlusconi look like a politician. Macron is facing an election in the spring. Meanwhile, Draghi is still crazy whether he will remain prime minister, or will he be the president of Italy in Italian politics, or not as politician as Saint Mario, the patron saint of bond market confidence. ing.

The treaty is not absolutely certain. A well-decided future government could exhaust or completely demolish the arrangements. After signing the French-German Treaty in 1963, De Gaulle saw his desire to drive a wedge between Germany and the United States shattered by the Bundestag and inserted a flower-like dedication. NATO.. The general shrugged. “As you can see, treasures are like girls and roses. They last for as long as they last.” Sometimes, but it’s certainly a long time. ■■

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New treaty between France and Italy overturns EU politics

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