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New ‘vaccine van’ in Kansas City is part of larger shift in mobile health care – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-05-27 06:00:18 –

Overland Park, Kansas — Vans with WiFi, solar panels, backup generators, medical refrigerators, storage for personal protective equipment, and more are moving around Kansas City, Missouri to help immunize the general public. ..

Comeback KC, A public-private partnership to help the region recover from a pandemic, Vaccine van plan announced in February Considering the possibility of door-to-door sales of vaccines.

The van made its first stop last week Redemption List Social Service Center..

Aaron Deacon, Managing Director of KC Digital Drive, said:

KC Digital Drive Comeback KC and Its “2 million arms KC” The mission is to vaccinate local people with COVID-19.

At the Redemptorists Heart to Heart International Before moving to the interior room to administer the vaccine on a rainy day, I used a van to prepare the vaccine with a syringe.

“I think the van will be a great tool for that particular task. It has a great workspace, there is a refrigerator right there, the refrigerator is powered, and with the backup generator, the vaccine’s You can be confident that you can maintain the temperature, “said Tena Tiruneh, director of the Heart to Heart International Institute.

Black and Veatch designed the van as part of a new division of Overland Park, a Kansas-based engineering company launched to fight COVID-19 in 2020.

Van Rapid modular health system, Or “RaMHS” for short.

“In less than a day, you can go to any clinic in any community with a mobile modular health unit to get immediate support for vaccination and testing,” said Dave Johnson of Black and Veatch’s RaMHS team. I am.

Black and beach Placed the first RaMHS unit outside the location of the Saint Luke’s Health System Plaza Last April.

It was like a shipping container. Today, the company has improved its design to serve clients such as the University of Kansas, Smithfield Foods, Disney and Wal-Mart.

RaMHS design Received the Edison Award In last month’s “COVID-19 Innovation: Mobilization for Emergency Response” category.

The new mobile van concept is gaining momentum, and creators believe RaMHS will stay here after the pandemic.

“Ultimately, what we do is transform the solution from fighting COVID to equipping it with more technology and some additional partners, making urban and rural mobile clinics. It’s about being able to support, “says Johnson.

Fighting COVID around Kansas City has the potential to change healthcare around the world.

The Patterson Family Foundation, Willoughby Designs and Dimensional Innovations all contributed to the Vaccine Van project.

New ‘vaccine van’ in Kansas City is part of larger shift in mobile health care Source link New ‘vaccine van’ in Kansas City is part of larger shift in mobile health care

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