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Cleveland (WJW) — FOX 8 I team Investigation reveals new videos and new clues to the unsolved mystery behind the two murders Cleveland Metro Parks..

Back in June 2019, Kate Brown and Kernel Sledge He was shot dead at Rocky River Reservation. No one has been arrested.

Through a request for recording, I-Team got a police video that they had never seen before. This marks the moment when a Cleveland Metroparks officer called for two people to shoot. I got a call late in the afternoon.

At the time of the crime, I noticed that the video showed that there was a lot of traffic in the park. Cars, motorcycles, and people on motorcycles. The video also reveals some vehicles parked in a small parking lot on site.

Police video photo

Did no one see or hear anything?

Police videos also show people casually walking their dogs. Police issued a statement from a kayak, a nurse, and a man alleging that he was sitting there for paperwork.

In police radio traffic, a police officer said, “I can’t find any weapons. I can’t find any weapons, so I have to search the entire area.”

And, “I repeat, no one else can see anything …”

Kernel Sledge’s mother recalled the moment she learned that her son had been murdered.

“Our heart fell. We had a chill. I cried,” said Darleen Sledge.

And Kate Brown’s father looked back on the time since the murder.

“And I want people to know that the last two years have been torture for our family. It was absolute torture,” said Tom Brown.

Kate’s sister talked about how it feels to wait for arrest.

Alex Zuban said: Normal location. And every face I see, I think, it might be you. You could have done this. “

“I want to know what steps are being taken to find out what happened. Who and why did this?” Darlene Sledge was added.

We asked the Metro Parks police a question. We asked that the agency could now tell the public what was different and could help resolve the case. “No new information,” said spokesman Jacqueline Garling.

Metroparks police said they conducted nearly 200 interviews during the investigation. However, police have announced almost nothing about what they have about the case.

The victim’s family says Kate and Kernel were good friends, not lovers. Good person in all accounts. They met in the park that day and never went home.

Police reported that investigators recovered the casings of some shells, but did not provide any other evidence.

And even in this story, Metroparks police say the police just need a hint.

We also asked what motives were excluded. robbery? The gangster’s heart? Do you hate sin? “Garling says: I don’t know what happened here.”

Meanwhile, we connected with Scott Rodder in the Evidence Room.

Roder is a man in northeastern Ohio who is nationally recognized for rebuilding crime scenes and animating what happened. Interested in the case, he reviewed the autopsy report, visited the crime scene, and spoke to the victim’s relatives. More.

Hoping to inspire justice, Roder worked for hours without any reward, spending time producing amazing animations of how crimes took place based on evidence.

“I think what we want to achieve is visual reconstruction, forensic animation,” Roder said. “Sometimes the suspect isn’t the big bad guy in the corner, but it’s just the one who lost control.”

Roder showed us his animation and explained it. Probably when he was sitting on a park bench. We know that the woman was shot once from behind. She was … half found on the water. Turn off half the water. “

I-Team has also begun to ask new questions about anonymous letters.

A few months after the crime, someone sent us a letter claiming that the woman had committed murder. I will explain her in great detail. She stood there and said she had spoken to Kernel Sledge before shooting.

As soon as I received the letter, I handed it over to the FBI, which works with Metropark. So what happened to it? We asked Metropark if anyone had decided if the letter could be a reed or if it was written by someone with a fantasy.

Gerling said: Sitting here, you and I are talking, we are still looking for information. “

Scott Rodder also went to Metro Parks Police Headquarters with Kate’s sister.

A few weeks ago, relatives examined some of Kate’s belongings from the day Kate died. She had just bought a new wallet. I just went to the gym. Can any of these provide clues?

“Some people are worried about their grocery list and what they have to do, and unfortunately this is what we always think about,” Kate’s sister said.

Darlene Sledge further deepened the mystery behind how Kate and Kernel arrived at the park that day. His mother told us: Kernel was planning to go to Grandma’s dinner. “

She said, Kernel organized a family supper for that time. She said to us, “Grandma starts a text message.” Are you on your way? Kernel, food is getting cold. Call Grandma. “

So why does everyone want to kill these people?

Kernel loved working with children and exercising.

“Not only because it was my son, he was a great person. He wasn’t perfect, but he was a great person,” his mother said.

And Kate’s father told me how she made a difference.

“She loved life. She loved animals. She loved cats, ferrets and dogs. She just worshiped her niece and nephew. She loved them specially. It made me feel like I was there, “said Tom.

The victim’s family is grateful for a new review of the case. They hope that police videos, crime scene animations, or anything else could finally produce hints that lead to arrests.

Karl Sledge, the father of Kernel, said: That day, precious life was lost. And both families need to know what is happening. “

Kernel’s mother also points out: I don’t know what it is, but there’s more to it. And it will come out. “

As a good tip, the police have a $ 100,000 reward there.

But for now, the killer is there too.

If you know anything, call CrimeStoppers (216-252-7463). You don’t have to leave the name. Again, the tips that lead to arrest can be worth the $ 100,000 reward.

New video, clues revealed in Cleveland Metroparks murder mystery nearly two years later Source link New video, clues revealed in Cleveland Metroparks murder mystery nearly two years later

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