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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) —The newly released video shows a Senate riot systematically passing through protesters by the so-called “zip tie guy” Eric Manchel and his mother, eventually in the United States. It shows that we have arrived at the Senate gallery. Riot on January 6th.

A federal judge who oversees the proceedings against Manchel and his mother, Lisa Marie Eisenhart, ordered the release of a 50-minute video recorded on the cell phone that her son wore best during the riot. Manchel is from Nashville and Eisenhart is from Woodstock, Georgia.

New video shows “Zip Tai Guy”, a rioting mom in the Capitol

Watch the video above (language warning)

During the 38-minute effort that Congress entered the U.S. Capitol trying to prove Joe Biden’s presidential election, Manchel and Eisenhart could be heard in a video celebrating the riots making national news. increase.

“This is news,” Eisenhart tells his son. “Someone said this was in the news.”

Manchel replied, “Oh, yes, definitely.”

“They will use this for us as hard as we can, but we’re not doing anything better,” the son continues.

Eisenhart agrees, “Yes.”

As they pass through the crowd, one suggests: “You all look ready to go, right?”

Manchel replies, “F *** ing ready to f *** sh * t up!”.

Female protesters ask their mother and son if they are members of the far-right Proud Boys.

“No, we’re not Proud Boys,” Eisenhart insists.

“We are proud of Americans,” Manchel adds.

The video does not reveal the widespread conversation between. They are apparently driven by a lie pushed by President Donald Trump that the election was stolen, but a pair on their motives.

Inside the Houses of Parliament, Eisenhart joins the cry of “rebellion, rebellion, rebellion.” At another point, she shouts, “I want a fair election.”

As Manchel and Eisenhart passed through the crowd outside the Capitol, a man announced that “Parliament was closed.”

“A package of tear gas was thrown in Congress,” the man continued, cheering people. “Parliament has been closed.”

Eisenhart laughs.

“Oh my god. It’s one of my best days to know they were exposed to tear gas.”

The pair also encounters another protester moving away from the Capitol.

“Did you do flash banging and pepper spray?” Eisenhart asks.

“I was indignant,” the man replied. “I hit two of them on my face.”

Eisenhart’s reaction: “Good”.

“You were training and preparing while everyone else was sitting on the couch,” she continues.

“Absolutely,” the man admits.

When the mother and son finally prepare to enter the US Capitol, Manchel admits that he is engaged in actions that may annoy him.

“Probably finally, you can enter the building with armor and weapons,” he says.

Manchel shouts, “I think they thought we were playing!”

Inside the Houses of Parliament, the son leaves the following to his mother:

“Mom, what are your goals here?”

Along the way, Manchel advises other mobs not to destroy the Capitol.

“We are not Antifa,” he exclaims.

The pair encounters another riot that finds a hiding place for plastic handcuffs, commonly known as zip ties.

“I’m going to take some of them to my mother,” says Manchel. They both grab a handful of restraints.

Munchel and Eisenhart seem to have little thought about the road around the Capitol, eventually ending up by chance in the US Senate gallery.

“I want that gavel,” Manchel shouted at some point.

After passing through the gallery, the pair immediately begins looking for an exit, but there are few comments about the exit.

Both Munchel and Eisenhart are waiting for a federal crime trial.

New video shows ‘zip-tie guy,’ mom during Capitol riot Source link New video shows ‘zip-tie guy,’ mom during Capitol riot

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