New York bans sales of new petrol cars by 2035

  • New York State Law, signed by Governor Kathy Hokul, sets the goal of zero-emission vehicle sales of 100% new passenger cars and trucks in the state by 2035. An executive order previously issued by the Governor of California.
  • The newly adopted law sets similar targets for mid- and heavy-duty trucks in New York State, with a target year of 2045.
  • EV sales in New York will account for less than 2% in 2020, indicating that significant growth is needed over the next 13 years.

    Following trends set by many states in the United States, New York has passed legislation that sets the goal of making 100% of new passenger cars and trucks sold or leased in the state zero-emission vehicles by 2035. .. The law was signed by Governor Kathy Hochul just a few days ago. The law includes similar goals for off-road vehicles and equipment by 2035. The law also sets a goal for all medium- and heavy-duty trucks sold or leased in the state to become zero-emission vehicles by 2045. When possible ”

    The signed law is a policy statement or in that it directs state agencies, the Department of Environmental Conservation, to propose regulations that require more zero-emission vehicles to be sold to achieve their goals. Similar to a presidential order. The law effectively forces state agencies to phase out the sale of gas and diesel engine vehicles and trucks by certain dates through government regulations that have not yet been adopted. increase.

    The draft legislation lacks the enforcement mechanisms and specific steps that government agencies need to take to phase out the sale of zero-emission vehicles. In fact, there are no corresponding state agency rules enacted to actively promote the sale of zero-emission vehicles to such an important extent or (perhaps more importantly). proclaim Sales of internal combustion engine vehicles at the dealer level. Further legislative and governmental regulations with enforcement mechanisms will be needed.

    The law also requires that a zero-emission vehicle strategy be developed by 2023, which is used by the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) to provide programs and policies to actually promote EV sales. Create.

    “Using California’s Advanced Clean Truck Rules as a template, the proposed regulations require truck makers to move to clean, zero-emission vehicles,” the Governor’s Office said in a statement. “Truck makers must meet a certain annual sales rate of zero-emission trucks. This depends on the weight class of the vehicle since model year 2025. By 2035 model year, all new class 2b-3 At least 55% of pickup trucks and vans, 75% of all new class 4-8 trucks, and 40% of all new class 7-8 tractors sold in New York will have zero emissions. Regulations will be provided to medium and heavy truck manufacturers. There are several compliance options and a one-time report from the applicable truck fleet is required. “

    While the above statement refers to proposed (but not yet adopted) regulations targeting out-of-state truck manufacturers rather than being sold by truck dealers in the state, from reports by specific fleets. We are also looking for compliance.

    New York is facing the headwind of achieving 100% zero-emission sales of passenger cars and trucks by 2035, and the state’s electric vehicle market share is currently around 1%. EV sales need to increase significantly, but gas and diesel engine vehicle sales need to abandon a large market share each year. This can be determined by the power of the market above all, unless there are some compelling incentive programs.

    Many automakers have ambitious goals of moving to an EV-only lineup, but these goals also carry a lot of asterisks. For one thing, assuming annual vehicle sales in the United States by 2035 are comparable, the recovery and processing of raw materials for the production of lithium-ion batteries alone would grow significantly without a sudden arrival. Need to be achieved. All-solid-state battery technology It will depend on the more easily available raw materials. Therefore, even automakers’ plans to move to EVs only by a certain year are based on the ability of other industries to keep up with the move.

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New York bans sales of new petrol cars by 2035

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