New York City bus driver in dramatic bridge plunge says it ‘just took off’ – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-01-16 20:00:00 –

A bus driver in New York City, who plunged from the New York >> Bridge, blamed a dramatic collision due to a mechanical failure and said today that he “just took off” when a tandem vehicle slowed down to a corner.

Everton Beckan, 55, disputed the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s claim that he refused to be tested for drugs and alcohol in the hospital.

“There is no reason to refuse a drug test,” Beckan, who broke his jaw in a crash late Thursday, said at a press conference after discharge. “I am grateful that no one died.”

The MTA on Saturday released an internal document stating that Beccan refused to submit urine samples to transportation three times. Officials said Beckan’s final test was done by the hospital and wasn’t done until hours after the crash.

Transportation officials said Friday that they were concerned that Bekan could not submit to the test after passing the alcohol breath test. During the investigation, the MTA said the driver was “unpaid and withheld from service.”

“This is obviously annoying,” said Patrick Warren, MTA’s Chief Safety and Security Officer.

Beckan provided a disastrous description of an articulated bus plunging 50 feet (15.2 meters) onto a highway ramp near the intersection of the Cross Bronx Highway and the Major Deagan Highway.

He said the crash occurred on a turn he made “hundreds of times” along the normal route, adding that he lost control of the bus after releasing the accelerator pedal. “The bus just accelerated,” he said. “The bus just took off on its own.”

When the crash happened, Beckan said he was thinking about passenger safety and himself. He said, “I helped someone I could help,” and called 911.

“Everyone was just screaming,” Beckan said. “Everyone was in a panic.”

Seven passengers were slightly injured after part of the bus plunged into the access road. The other half remained on the bridge. No other vehicle was involved.

The MTA said Saturday that Beckan was driving “almost five times the permissible speed when the bus was about to turn.” Authorities quoted the bus’s in-vehicle event recorder as saying that investigators “so far have not identified the mechanical cause of not being able to stay on the road and move at acceptable speeds.” ..

The Beckan has over 11 years of service and excellent safety records, the MTA said.

New York City bus driver in dramatic bridge plunge says it ‘just took off’ Source link New York City bus driver in dramatic bridge plunge says it ‘just took off’

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