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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-30 09:07:59 –

New York — Tuesday, the Mayor of New York’s Democratic Preliminary Election was confused when election officials suddenly withdrew the latest report on the number of votes after noticing that it was corrupted by test data that was not cleared from the computer system. It was.

The New York City Election Commission withdrew previously released data on Tuesday evening, claiming it was the first round of New York City election results. New ranked elective voting system..

Results released Tuesday showed that Brooklyn President Eric Adams lost many of his leads and former hygiene commissioner Kathryn Garcia narrowed the gap to just 16,000 votes.

However, the Election Commission suddenly withdrew these results on Tuesday afternoon.

“We are aware of the inconsistencies in the informal RCV round-by-round exclusion report,” the New York City Election Commission tweeted Tuesday evening. “We work with RCV’s technical staff to identify where the discrepancy occurred. We seek patience from the general public, elected officials, and candidates.”

Late Tuesday night, the Election Commission said it mistakenly included 135,000 test ballots in its counts. Officials said test ballots were previously included in the system, but have never cleared them from their role.

“The board apologized for the mistake and took immediate steps to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date results were reported,” he said in a statement.

New Yorkers have been waiting for more than a week for primary results while election authorities analyze aggregates in a new rank-selection voting system.

In the June 22 primary, New York voters in the Democratic primary will have the opportunity to select up to five candidates (but only one) and rank them in order of priority.

No candidate has won 50% of the first-place votes on election day, so authorities are currently in the process of eliminating the candidate with the fewest first-place choices in the round. Each time a candidate is eliminated, the candidate’s vote is redistributed based on the voter’s second choice. This process is repeated until the candidate reaches the 50% threshold.

Democratic primary winners will be sought after in the November general election against Republican primary winner Curtis Sliwa.

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