New York City Exotic Dance Club Sue State for Pandemic Closure | New York

Group of New York City exotic dance club sued New York On Thursday, he said it was unfair to keep closed when everything could be open, from ax throwing venues to live music and bars with casinos.

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan alleged that the coronavirus had caused thousands of employees to quit their jobs due to a state ban. Defendants included Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state liquor license authority.

Exotic dance clubs in the Queens Autonomous Region, including Starlet, Sugar Daddy, and Gallagher 2000, open other closed facilities while keeping the clubs closed, First Amendment and Article 14 of the US Constitution. I asked the court to declare a violation of the article.

The proceedings are due to the expansion of state regulations regarding bars and restaurants, which has led many to open this week.

It was also submitted after similar clashes between facilities that allow nudity and dance in other states.

In December, a California judge had two San Diego strip clubs make their own decisions about providing a safe environment for dancers and patrons during a pandemic.

A spokesman for the governor’s office said the proceedings were trying to undermine “science-based public health measures.”

“We strive to resume as many aspects of the economy as quickly and safely as possible, but science, data and common sense do not allow exotic dance at this time,” spokesman Jack said. Stern said in a statement.

The proceedings seeking unspecified damages allege that four Queens strip clubs have been ready to open under the Covid-19 safety protocol since the early days of the pandemic.

They require guests and employees to have masks and temperature checks, keep everyone safe, and promise to clean all surfaces frequently with a sufficient amount of disinfectant throughout the club. did.

Still, according to the lawsuit, Kuomo and the state “closed restaurants and bars where you can enjoy exotic dance, nightclubs, lounges, jazz dinner theaters, churches, ax throwers, billiard halls, wedding venues, casinos, etc. Allow the restaurant. ” A bar with live music and a bowling alley that poses a risk equal to or greater than the risk of resuming Covid-19 transmissions. “

The proceedings have allowed at least 41 other states to keep similar businesses open.

The lawsuit said the state of New York officially outlawed the operation of the strip club during a pandemic in early July, despite allowing live music indoors.

Note that other indoor facilities are also allowed to open at various times, including Saturday Night Live in October.

In recent weeks, Kuomo has been allowed to reopen cinemas with large facilities such as Madison Square Garden opening earlier this month, along with recreational activities such as darts, racket games and ax throwing. Was announced.

The lawsuit points out that comedy clubs, nightclubs and Broadway theaters are scheduled to open in April.

New York City Exotic Dance Club Sue State for Pandemic Closure | New York

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