New York City imposes vaccine obligations on all private sector workers

In New York, all private sector workers in the city are required to be vaccinated with Covid-19. This is the strictest vaccine obligation imposed anywhere in the United States.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Said on monday The new rules will come into effect on 27 December and will apply to all private companies of all sizes. His office will release a set of protocols applicable to approximately 184,000 companies on December 15th, providing details of obligations such as enforcement and penalties for violations.

“There is no alternative testing option for vaccination,” De Blasio said, as the Biden administration had proposed as part of another national program.

The mayor said he was tasked with delaying the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant, which could exacerbate the city’s infection rate, which nearly doubled last month.

He told news channel MSNBC: “We in New York City decided to use first strike to do something bold to stop Covid’s further growth and the danger it poses to all of us.”

De Blasio added: “Omicron is here and seems to be very contagious. The timing is bad during the winter months.”

Business groups can appeal against New York’s decision in court. De Blasio and the city’s chief lawyer, Georgia Pestana, are confident that health commissioners have a legal obligation to protect New York City’s public health and that their mission can withstand any challenge in court. Stated.

Devjani Mishra, an employment attorney at Littler Mendelsohn, said it was “the first requirement of its kind in terms of targeting all private employers.”

She added: “This mandate enforceability is based on both the fact that pandemics are a common public health emergency and the fact that mandates apply” not choices or choices “throughout the industry. increase. “

De Blasio said the mission was “borrowing” from information gathered from “months” of conversations with the private sector, whose primary concern was avoiding “the big limits of last year.” ..

The mayor said he heard from many business leaders that it was best for them to set a single universal standard for the government.

Highly mutated Omicron variants have been identified in at least 17 states in the United States, and health officials expect it to spread rapidly. Scientists around the world are rushing to find out if they are more infectious, deadly, or avoid vaccine protection than previous strains.

President Joe Biden Announced in September His administration imposes a duty on all private companies with more than 100 employees to ensure that staff are vaccinated weekly or tested negative for illness. The government imposes separate obligations on federal employees and contractors, as well as medical groups working under the publicly operated Medicare and Medicaid insurance schemes.

Those obligations The deadline has come Effective January 4, the judge has imposed a temporary block on rules that apply to both private sector employers and healthcare providers.

The federal government has filed proceedings through courts, but states and cities instead impose their own rules. Many states Puerto Rico states that all private employers with more than 50 staff on US territory have vaccination or testing requirements, while imposing vaccine obligations on health care workers and teachers.

De Blasio also announced that people over the age of 12 who use indoor dining, entertainment, or gyms in New York City also need to be double vaccinated. Children aged 5 to 11 can enter with a single vaccination.

“We are confident because it is universal,” said De Blasio, who will resign in the coming weeks.

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New York City imposes vaccine obligations on all private sector workers

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