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New York Fashion Week: Jason Wu, Coach, Brandon Maxwell, Rodarte

European editors were unable to attend due to ongoing pandemics, visa rules, and vaccinations not approved by U.S. authorities New York Fashion Week Dozens of brands have returned to the runway this season for the first time in 18 months.However Instagram,zoom, twitter And CFDA’s bizarrely volatile platform meant that it was able to capture and capture quite a bit of new and novel American fashion.

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A solemn weekend of the 20th anniversary of the infamous 9.11 attack. This took place the morning after the Marc Jacobs show and party, in the middle of another runway season in New York. Hudson A river pier where dozens of fashionistas posed to take a picture of midnight against the backdrop of the Twin Towers.

This fall, New York has so far been a season of optimistic nostalgia and sporty charm mixed with spiritual hints. Let’s take a look at three major independent companies and four major collections from one mega label.

Jason Wu: Weird Impressionists

Much private time in the pandemic was clearly helpful Jason Wu, Announced the best show ever at lunchtime on Friday.

Jason staged his latest show in a downtown gallery adorned with expanded plants and flowers, where his cast roamed. Continuing that theme, the black and smokeless floral trio with sponge details such as bolero and cardigan suits, curvy gowns, and scabbards were all pretty awesome.

Wu’s most daring idea was the abstract expressionist tie-dye print found on the magnificent crinoline, or some really nice cutaway cocktails with many acres of exposed feet. So was the combination of a lilac cashmere sweater and a skirt with sequins.

Together this is Gone with the Wind-A romantic yet punchy collection of urban jungles. Other versions of modernist Vivien Leigh’s dress were offered in canary yellow or fade black.

Indeed, Jason’s decision to work with fabric maker Calamarie Piazza and her eccentric Impressionist ideas took the collection to another level. Wu is usually a better winter than a summer designer who needs a jazz-up hoodie on the harsh cold days of January and February in Newyork. But this was a great statement, perhaps Jason’s most memorable expression of spring fashion to date.

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Coach: Bonnie Cassin Buffalo Girls

No designer is keen on visual puns. Stuart Vivers With a coach.

His latest show for a huge brand was preceded by all sorts of wacky shows on coach Available on TV, Instagram, starring moderator, all shot in retro Sony Trinitron 1970s shades.

Named after the original designer of the house, his take on the latest version of the Bonnie Kasin bag came with a recycled or faux leather strap or a sketch of Trompe-l’oeil. There was also a nice loose cotton sweatshirt with the words “Coach Leatherwear”. The mini-clip on its exterior had the tagline “Destruction of the American Classic since 1941.”

“Spring presents my vision of a new vocabulary of American fashion, which is also a celebration of Bonnie Cashin’s colorful and bright optimism,” Vevers explained.

This was evident in the wonderful hoodies and rain gear made of giant houndstooth or windowpane checks. All wore micro-sporty bras, bob bar boots, and denim man shorts with exposed jockey pants tops.

At the coed show, the men wore large pocket hoodies in bright shades. Check out the Dhoti and T-shirts that say “Super Grump”.

The great thing about British-born Vevers is that so many designers living in New York retired to the Hamptons and Berkshire cottages last year, while Stuart went out and embraced New York. He’s really on par with New Yorkers, which can be seen in his collection, especially this one.

Therefore, his intro clip on Coach TV featured four lasers marching from the subway station on Line 1 to the song “Buffalo Gals” by his fellow Brit, the late great Malcolm McLaren.

Its tagline is: “A real New Yorker knows that the subway is the best way to get to where you need to go.” Dead rights.

Brandon Maxwell-2022 Spring / Summer-Women’s Wear-New York

Brandon Maxwell: Sporty Entrance Making Glamor

Gigi Hadid really gets all the best looks. A good example of this is the all-silver statement worn by the new mother on Friday night at the latest show by Brandon Maxwell, the dominant master of American classic charm.

The pant suit in the peak shoulder jacket, made of silver cloud print, was well cut perfectly. Gigi then put his hand in his pants pocket and opened the jacket completely to show off his matching bra, giving him even more attitude. Talk about the entrance maker who owns the combo room.

Hadid’s fan club on Twitter and Instagram instantly celebrated with her mini-video backstage in a lingering cheer.

Born in Texas New YorkerSix years after establishing his home here, Maxwell began his fashion career as a stylist. And the habits of those stylists were very obvious in this collection.

Maxwell, 36, loves the straightforward, low-frilled charm, from the gorgeous hippie-printed columns of orange and purple Japanese sunsets to the shirring zebra-printed cocktails. His most refreshing idea was a psychedelic dress and top with an unexpected twist.

In summary, this was a sleek and savvy statement by Maxwell, but with a little more Boyish origin of Brandon in eastern Texas, I had no choice but to hope that next season would be a little less urban.

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Rodarte: Bank Street Amazon Live

Rodarte We captured the runway show performed on 155 Bank Street at noon on Saturday and streamed the show directly on Amazon Live.The model marched inside West Village A sculpture garden just 20 blocks north of where the Twin Towers once stood.

So far, it has turned out to be New York’s most fascinating collection.

The Los Angeles-based sister Kate and Laura Murevi’s duo, who founded Rodarte, were cut vibrantly. In particular, a wonderful deep canyon blouse with superhero shoulders, made in Victorian school marm lace.

A beautiful shirring and drape dress was in front of an elongated kaftan over matching pants, but in a more lacy moment, a semi-shear in a private room showing lots of black, western white, and sinful red lingerie. There was a guipure dress.Award Ceremony – Stunning floral blazer or stunning sunset sequin cloak

The strip-screen goddess with hanging sequins looks awesome, similar to the acidic floral cheongsam worn on models of Gothic arch eye makeup.

Not everything clicked and the accordion pleated shirt looked pretty old-fashioned, but overall, this was the most interesting show of the American season.

And subtly considered in the finale, the entire cast looks like a pure-scabbard shrine maiden of ecru, vanilla, rose, and yellow, and each model wears a slim gold necklace and poses on a concrete pillar. Was there. He carefully set himself on the day the world remembered the souls of about 3,000 people who were lost on that day, notorious.

In a solemn soundtrack playing Dallas Acid’s “Spa Hunter,” the sisters almost cheeky bowed in floral pajamas and western shirts after the graceful moment of the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

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New York Fashion Week: Jason Wu, Coach, Brandon Maxwell, Rodarte

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