New York Governor Cuomo’s Second Aide Condemns Governor of Sexual Harassment – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-02-27 18:52:34 –

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by a second former aide in less than a week.

released on Saturday account Charlotte Bennett claimed that the governor had asked “a question about her sex life, whether she was monogamous in her relationship, and whether she had sex with an older man.” From.

Bennett, 25, left the governor’s office last November and said harassment occurred during a coronavirus pandemic last spring.

“The governor wanted to sleep with me and felt terribly uncomfortable and scary,” Bennett told . “And I was wondering how to get out of it, and I thought that was the end of my work.”

In a statement, Cuomo called for a review of Bennett’s allegations.

“I tried to be supportive and helpful,” Cuomo said in a statement on Saturday. “MS. Bennett’s first impression was right: I was trying to be her mentor. I had never made any progress towards Bennett and had no intention of taking any inappropriate action.

The last thing I’ve ever wanted was to make her feel one of the things reported. This situation cannot be resolved by the media and should not be resolved. I believe that the best way to find out the truth is through a thorough and thorough external review, and instruct employees in all states to follow their efforts. I ask all New Yorkers to wait for the results of the review and get to know the facts before they make a decision. There are no further comments until the review is complete. “

Earlier in the week, a former member of the Cuomo administration, who had previously accused him of sexual harassment, provided new details.

Lindsey Boylan said on Wednesday Position A Democrat once kissed her with her lips without consent. During more than three years in power, she once joked, comparing Kuomo with one of the rumored ex-girlfriends, saying “it would prevent me from touching me with my hips, arms, and legs.” You should strip poker if you say.

“I have to tell my story because I shouldn’t feel forced to hide my experience of intimidation, harassment and humiliation at work, not by the governor or anyone else,” Boylan said. Said.

Cuomo used to call her claim “not true.” Cuomo spokesman Caitlin Gilard said on Wednesday that Boylan’s allegations of improper behavior were “totally wrong.”

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