New York health officials have reported at least five cases of Omicron mutants | New York

Multiple cases of Omicron coronavirus mutants New YorkHealth officials said Thursday, including a man who attended an anime convention in Manhattan in late November and tested positive for a variant when he returned to Minnesota.

In addition to tournament participants, health officials said tests showed that five other people recently infected with Covid-19 had the mutation. They included people from the outskirts of Long Island, a city that recently traveled to South Africa, residents of Brooklyn and Queens, and perhaps another travel-related incident.

“There is no cause for the alarm. We just want to make sure the public is aware of the information when we receive it,” said Governor Kathy Hokul.

Mayor of New York, Bill de BlasioThe geographic spread of the positive test suggests that the variant is experiencing a “community spread” in the city and is not associated with any event.

The news is that the United States is the first case of its variant Detected in California, A person who recently traveled to South Africa. Authorities reported another case on Thursday in a Colorado woman who recently traveled to southern Africa.

The epidemic has been classified by the World Health Organization as a “variant of concern”, but as some health officials suspect, whether it is more contagious, whether it makes people more seriously ill, vaccines. There are still many unclear points, such as whether or not it can be stopped.

8.8 million city officials said they expect new variants to be reported in the city in a matter of time.

“We have to assume that our city has a community of this variant,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The newly reported incident occurred when Joe Biden announced a new initiative to fight Covid in the United States. His announcement on Thursday became a winter combat plan as the Omicron variant added the urgency to make booster shots available to as many Americans as possible.

South African scientists first reported Omicron, but samples came from several South African countries. And now, Dutch health officials say it was discovered in the Netherlands before South Africa was discovered.

Professor Daniel Onpad, a professor of global public health at New York University, said that as the comfort of air travel returns, new variants like Omicron will spread from country to country, and from state to state. Said inevitable.

“We don’t have to panic, but we have to worry,” she said.

Hochul said the incident involving Minnesota visitors emphasized the need for everyone who was vaccinated or eligible to receive a booster shot if they had not yet.

“There is one way to deal with this: New Yorkers, vaccinated, boosted, and ready,” Democrats said.

New York health officials have reported at least five cases of Omicron mutants | New York

Source link New York health officials have reported at least five cases of Omicron mutants | New York

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