New Yorker at US Capitol Riot Face Fee

Mr. Fanuf’s politics seems to have changed over time. In 2011, Fanuf was introduced to New Yorker and camped at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan while participating in a protest to occupy Wall Street. At that time, he expressed concern about the risks that a right-wing speech poses to President Barack Obama. “I’m scared to hear from the Tea Party and Rush Limbaugh. They create an environment where he can be shot,” he said.

According to local news, in 2016 Fanuf protested William Bratton’s retirement as New York Police Department commissioner, blaming the death of a black man, Eric Garner, who was suffocated by Staten Island police. The site of the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University.

This week, Fanuf called a veteran Ashley Babbit, who was killed by Parliamentary police when he tried to force him into the lobby of a U.S. senator, in an interview with a DC radio station. .. , WTOP News. “We have a bloody red shirt to swing around,” he told the station.

Hours before the January 6 riots in Washington, Eduardo Florea posted a threatening message to a social networking website parlor, putting armed Trump supporters “caravans” in Washington, prosecutors said. I wrote that I want to lead to.

According to court records, Mr Florea wrote that the era of peace and politeness was over. “A dead man can’t pass the law,” wrote 40-year-old Florea in a discussion on the site about Rev. Rafael Warnock, a Democrat who was recently elected to the Georgia Senate. The document said.

According to criminal accusations, investigators searched Florea’s home in the Middle Village of Queens and found thousands of ammunition. He told the FBI that he had applied for participation in the far-right group Proud Boys, but was not yet an official member.

Florea, who was convicted of criminal possession of weapons in 2014, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with illegally possessing ammunition.

New Yorker at US Capitol Riot Face Fee

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