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New Zealand approves paid leave after miscarriage

Auckland, New Zealand — On Wednesday, the New Zealand Parliament unanimously approved a bill giving couples suffering from miscarriage or stillbirth three days of paid leave, pioneering those who would provide such benefits.

Labor lawmaker Ginny Andersen, who drafted the bill, said he couldn’t find a bill comparable anywhere in the world. “We are probably the first country,” she added. “But New Zealand is compared to all countries that are usually legislated on a 20-week basis.”

New Zealand employers, like some other countries, already needed to provide paid leave in the case of stillbirth if the foetation was lost after more than 20 weeks of gestation. The new law expands and disambiguates leaving it to those who have lost their pregnancy at all times. The bill will be enacted in the coming weeks.

“When a woman knows physically or mentally that she needs time to get over it, she is confident that she can request a vacation as needed rather than living her life on a stoic basis. I felt sadness, “said Andersen.

The new law does not apply to those who end their pregnancy, Andersen Zealand Decriminalized abortion last yearEnd the country’s status as one of the few wealthiest countries, to limit the reasons for ending pregnancy in the first half.

In Australia, a miscarriage person can take unpaid leave if he loses his foetation after 12 weeks, while in the UK, a person who may become a stillborn parent after 24 weeks can take paid leave. The United States does not require employers to give vacations to those suffering from miscarriage.

Until 20 percent Of all pregnancies known in the United States abortion, According to the Mayo Clinic. In New Zealand, with a population of 5 million, the Ministry of Health estimates that one to two pregnancies in ten will result in a miscarriage.

Sands New Zealand, a charity that helps parents who have lost their pregnancy, states that there are 5,900 to 11,800 miscarriages or stillbirths each year. According to data from the New Zealand Midwifery University, over 95% of miscarriages occur during the first 12-14 weeks of pregnancy.

Miscarriage or stillbirth remains A ridiculously painful topic, Health advocates say it’s difficult to talk publicly or ask for help.

When I call the hospital, “I think I have a miscarriage of my baby,” many women will say, “I felt like the first miscarriage in the world.” Loss of babies seeking better support for New Zealand bereaved families.

“Because you expect to give birth to this beautiful baby, the foundations of your world will collapse, and when that baby dies, everything will shatter, whether in utero or shortly after birth. . “

Mr. Culling praised New Zealand law as a first step, but said there was still much to do.

“I’ll take three days of paid leave. I’ll bury my baby, get service, and then go back to work and continue. What do you do? That’s my concern,” she said. It was.

“I’m celebrating it, but I hope we continue this compassion and further investigate the needs of these parents.”

New Zealand approves paid leave after miscarriage

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