Newly elected Denver Public Schools superintendent shares priorities for new school year – Denver, Colorado

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Denver — Within a month, Denver Public School welcomes students — empty classrooms are once again vibrant, new voices echo in the halls, paving the way. Newly elected director Dr. Alex Marello says he is ready to tackle the grade suffering from COVID-19 concerns.

Marello was raised in New York and is the son of a Cuban father and a Dominican mother. He uses his life experience, his cultural development, and his professional background to connect with students and help identify their needs after a grade filled with highs and lows. I am planning.

“Hablandoseentiende y si se puede — conversations allow us to understand and support,” Marello said.

Marello grew up at home to speak Spanish. He learned English from his brother. At an early age, he lost his mother. The mother calls him one of his biggest supporters.

“I think (I) was forced to be a man when I was a boy, shaping me and shifting me — I moved the entire trajectory of my career to education,” Marello said. ..

He recognizes the educator’s achievements in saving his life and helping him find his way.

DPS is With over 90,000 students, Hispanics make up the largest population..

As a former coaching counselor, Marello said he promised to listen and adapt to the needs of his students to support their success. He developed plans implemented by interim supervisors, setting his own priorities such as accelerating learning and setting appropriate goals for students, ensuring student safety and security, and addressing impartiality. I plan to continue. One of the biggest decisions on the agenda is whether students need to wear masks. Marello said he consulted health officials, other supervisors, and parents to make informed decisions.

“People who want to be masked universally and say,’Don’t make this my kid’or’If you do this to my kid, I won’t send them.’ There are so many people, “Marello said.

A federal proceeding was filed after Marello’s choice as an assistant superintendent for the New Rochelle City School District in New York during the epidemic. He was nominated in a proceeding with several others for silence and retaliation against the former school district health director.

“I’m so proud of what I did in New Rochelle that I’m going to defend the decision we made,” Marello said. “When it comes to silence and pandemic efforts in New Rochelle, we were the epicenter. We were the first school district closed by the governor on the East Coast and led that responsibility. Rejoin the community. In terms of what I did for, I also led many platforms, forums and webins for a year. “

The DPS Board of Education will meet in August.

Denver 7 asked Marello if he believed that Secretary Tay Anderson should attend after an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual assault.

“Whatever the position the board represents, I’m excited to get involved,” Marello said.

School district leaders will announce final mask decisions later this week or early next week.

Newly elected Denver Public Schools superintendent shares priorities for new school year Source link Newly elected Denver Public Schools superintendent shares priorities for new school year

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