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Newnan, Georgia (CBS46) — Two pigs are causing havoc in Newnan’s neighborhood, and no one seems to know where they came from.

They turn the lawn in the front yard into their home and their buffet.

People around Foxridge say the pigs appeared a few weeks ago.

“Therma and Louise have terrorized the community with their cuteness and terrorized the grass,” said Damian Reeves, who lives in the community with his family.

One man who didn’t want to go to the camera said they ruined his yard.

“It looks like someone went through and trampled the area,” Reeves said of his neighbor’s garden.

He says he has similar damage. “They take their noses and dig under the soil. They are always together, just walking around in the grass and snorting. They are pretty noisy animals.”

But others in the neighborhood say they enjoy their company somewhat while they are ready to see the pigs go.

“Watch him play and lie. He’s like a little dog,” said Amy Sabatino.

She says she works with animal care to gain the trust of pigs so they can help them catch them. “On the first day he wouldn’t even come to our garden, and now he’s eating from my hands …” Sabatino said. “I’m worried that someone could hurt him or hit him in the car.”

Newnan police tell us that reports of loose domestic pigs are rare and that they believe they are somehow the pets of someone who has gone out.

According to Coweta County Animal Control, pigs are known to uproot and destroy the yard, but it is not a threat to other livestock.

“If you get caught, I want to serve a community barbecue,” Reeves said.

Newnan community annoyed over loose pigs | News Source link Newnan community annoyed over loose pigs | News

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