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A good man with a gun?

An unknown man in Yakima, Washington, was arrested on July 24 after a mysterious incident at home, KIMA reported. Witnesses explained to police that the man had a can of carbonated drinks in the refrigerator. He pulled his pistol out of his waistband and fired it at the bottom of the fridge. When the police arrived, the man was outside his home in the alley and “screamed inconsistently,” he said with his gun on the ground. He told police that he believed that the people living in the basement were trying to kill him, but it turned out that no one lived in the basement because the house had no basement. He also told police that he had found a gun, but he was arrested for a second illegal possession of a firearm and the firing of a firearm.

What a trip!

Reza Balchi in central Florida wasn’t too far from the effort to walk on the water from St. Augustine to New York City, Fox News reported. On July 24, Balti was washed ashore in a foamy ship in Flagler County, Florida, and wanted to use it to run on the east coast. He told the sheriff’s agent that he had encountered “complications” that brought him back to the shore. “My goal is not only to raise money for homeless people, but also to raise money for coastal guards, for police stations, and for fire departments. “Balch said. This wasn’t the first time he was rescued after going out into the ocean with a hydrobubble.

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But the squirrel survived

On July 15, a 19-year-old driver from Hingham, Massachusetts, turned to avoid hitting a squirrel on the road and arrived in the living room of a historic home built by Abraham Lincoln’s great-grandfather in 1650. The Boston Globe reported that an unnamed driver said at around 6:30 am that the inhabitants were still sleeping upstairs, “driving from the right side of the road over the sidewalk in front of the house.” .. According to police, the driver was quoted as not staying in the marked lane.

Criminals with little empathy

Two girls, 16 and 17, were walking to a gas station in Medina Valley, Texas, on July 26, when they noticed something in the drain. It turned out to be a dead man, and Fox News reported that investigators believed he hung himself from the railing using “what looks like a shirt.” When the girls came across their bodies, they called a friend who called 911. However, before the police arrived at the scene, the girls allegedly helped the dead man’s gold necklace by recording the theft on Snapchat. The video was anonymously sent to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, both of whom were charged with theft from a human corpse (felony). A 17-year-old friend told executives that he stole it because it “fits her fashion style.”


John Michael Cantz, 60, from Cary, North Carolina, threatened on July 24 after putting a bumper sticker on his car at the Mexican restaurant On the Border and the parking lot of Totopos Street Food and Tequila. Was arrested for vandalism, WNCN reported. The bumper sticker says “I (heart) is white”. He also applied them in one of the facilities’ toilets.

Fetish update

Jorge Olerana-Arias, 38, was arrested on July 22 in East Haven, Connecticut. The woman first reported the landlord in May and then installed a hidden camera to prove her claim. “The video provided to the police officer shows that Olerana Arias is bringing women’s clothing to her nose, apparently to sniff her,” police told Hartford Courant. rice field. At one point he entered the apartment when his daughter was at home, but left as soon as he met her. Orellana-Arias was charged with three robbers and released on bail.

Bad behavior

Amanda Lee, 50, who lives in the crew of Cheshire, England, has been blowing her nose at competitions since the 1990s and has been urinating and defecation at her chosen location in the town’s open spaces, Cheshire Live reported. Finally, the Magistrates’ Court of Crewe issued a CBO (Criminal Action Order) to her on July 12. This prohibits her from putting alcohol in an open container. Use abusive language and threatening behavior in public. Contact the police without a real emergency. Relieve yourself in public. Then, as certain, enter the presto court. Police police officer Alex Barker said Lee “did not give any consideration to what her crimes did against others. There is a point to say that it is enough.” rice field. The criminal penalty for violating the CBO is five years in prison.


According to The Washington Post, Londoners aren’t really impressed with London’s latest “charm”, the $ 3 million Marble Arch Mound. The 82-foot-high mud mountain attracts tourists with an elevated platform to see the 19th-century monument Marble Arch near Hyde Park, providing a “impressive view of the city.” It was the purpose. Authorities are now returning their admission fees (about $ 11) to patrons, as visitors now call it a “monster” and “the worst thing I’ve ever done in London.” The Westminster City Council acknowledged that the “elements” of the attraction were not ready for visitors and closed the venue until further notice.

Friends shepherd

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good idea

Australian Olympic kayaker Jessica Fox, 27, repairs her kayak with a condom issued at the Olympics on July 27, and MacGyver chops in Tokyo before winning bronze and gold medals at various events. Was shown. CTV News reported that Fox used a condom to hold the carbon mixture applied to the tip of the kayak in place. “You didn’t know that condoms could be used to repair kayaks,” Fox posted on Instagram. “Gives a smooth finish to carbon.” Certainly smooth.

Don’t try this at home

According to the Global Times, an unknown man living in Xinghua, China, was hospitalized on July 20 after inserting a 20-centimeter-long eel into his anus to relieve constipation. But when the eel slipped into his colon and chewed it into the abdomen, “folk remedies” backfired on him. Surprisingly, the eel was still alive when it was surgically removed. Surgeons said the man may have died of bacteria in the large intestine that migrate to the abdominal cavity.

A sheriff’s office in Oakland County, Michigan, reported that a 31-year-old woman without Pontiac’s name had a panic attack on July 27 when she found a Nankin beetle in her car. So, according to Fox2 Detroit, she poured rubbing alcohol into the car and set it on fire. In the process, she also accidentally lit and suffered two burns.

Sweet revenge

Construction workers in Blumberg, Germany, used an excavator to tear a balcony from a block of a new apartment on July 28, after no payment was made, causing damage worth about $ 600,000. Metro News reported that a 47-year-old man quoted “unjustly withheld payments” (a total of about € 5 million) and “frustration” for his destructive behavior. He also damaged the garage of the building. When he was done, he got into his car and left, but later turned back himself.

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