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Home of your dreams

The house for sale at 43 Courtyard Drive in Guildhall, Vermont has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, 7 cots, windows, a toilet and a crib. United Press International reported that the property, which was listed for $ 149,000, was once used as a prison in Essex County, and the prison officer’s dormitory was located behind the house. Cells that have been obsolete since 1969 are now covered in dust, waiting for creative buyers to “provide ideas about what this 28-foot x 40-foot wing is,” according to the list. ..

News name

When Jesslo Geneus, 30, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, was pulled by police early in the morning of January 4, he told police that a bag of brown and white material found in his backpack had been burned. Told. According to police, “a bag of cornstarch for baking sugar and cake.” Geneus, who had a good warrant, was detained, WPEC reported, and the contents of both bags were tested positive for Molly or Ecstasy. In prison, Geneus dropped another bag of white powder. And it was tested positive for stimulants. He was charged with trafficking phenethylamine.

Non-social media

Caleb Burczyk, 29, from Williston, North Dakota, was arrested on December 26 for kicking the front door of a former colleague’s house and charged with robbery. Court documents. According to the affidavit, read one message, “I will accept my friend’s request or kill you,” and another message states that Burczyk will “come” to Thomas if he does not accept it. It was. Smoking guns reported that Burczyk had pleaded not guilty and was scheduled to appear in the district court in April.

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Persuasive explanation

Holly Benderley, 20, in Bloomington, Indiana, knew that Mount Rushmore National Memorial was closed and wasn’t allowed to climb the South Dakota monument, Park Ranger said. Told to. The Rapid City Journal saw a ranger watching security cameras move a flashlight beam along a broken rock slope beneath George Washington on January 3 and ran into the area. Raise your leg, reporting that you saw Benderley climbing at the foot of the collar in Washington. The ranger asked her to get off, which she did. Benderley was calm and supportive, and was fined $ 1,250 the next day after pleading guilty to climbing a monument in federal court.

Government in action

Massachusetts already has official fossils, reported by NECN-TV, and Framingham’s Legislature Jack Lewis is now proposing a choice of state dinosaurs. “Our world today is very uncertain, but a better way to help children (and young people in mind) learn about the legislative process than naming the official Massachusetts dinosaurs. Can you think of it? ”He wrote on Twitter on January 4th. Lewis posted a link to an online survey where citizens could choose the species they wanted to represent, saying they got 150 votes in the first two hours.

Suspicious judgment

Kam Faust and Kevin Joiner initially didn’t know how to react when they found a naked man, Faust told 9News during a fishing trip near Darwin, Australia, on January 3. It clings to the branches of a mangrove forest and is covered with dirty and insect bites. Luke Voscresensky, 40, said he lost his way a few days ago on his way to a New Year’s Eve party and was eating snails to stay alive. Faust and Joiner offered him a cold beer and returned to town to find out the real reason why Boss Cresensky was stuck in the crocodile-infested sea. He was arrested for armed robbery and wore a previously broken ankle monitor. Escape bail. “I was going to visit him in the hospital,” Faust said, but the rescue crew said, “He’s in the hospital with his handcuffs, and two police officers are babysittering him.” ..

Cream de la Weird

After the conflict that began in 2014, Judge Luo Shengli of the People’s Court in Xicheng District, Beijing, said in late December that a man identified only as Tian and his family would have to leave the room where he had been crouching for six years. I decided. Tian received medical treatment at the hospital and recovered there with his family for several days, but at the time of discharge Tian disputed the hospital’s bill and refused to leave, Odity Central reported. Tian’s parents calmed down with him and brought home pots, pans, groceries and other personal belongings. Over the years, the hospital took the family to court many times and exempted them from the fee in 2019 to expel them, but the family argued. In his ruling, the judge found that his family was entitled to compensation of about $ 73,000, accepted it, and was taken back to the hospital ambulance.

good idea

Thirty-year-old Thomas Dodd, who lives in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, went into a cup during his Christmas holidays and watched Celine Dion’s concert on YouTube during the Brainstorm. He paid £ 89 and officially renamed Celine Dion. Dodd had forgotten everything about it until the newspaper arrived by mail on December 30, Metro News reported. “I wish I knew what had happened, but it was a hazy night,” said Dodd / Dion. He admits he’s worried about the reaction at work and says his mother isn’t very happy, but “I don’t care if it makes people laugh this year. We’re all just one. I will laugh a year later. “

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Twitter users quickly pointed out the irony after posting a photo of an unidentified man arrested for wearing a mask during a pandemic in Peshawar, Pakistan on New Year’s Eve. According to The Independent, the man wore a werewolf mask, roared and ran through the city on a motorcycle, terrorizing people. At least one commentator saw the silver lining. “People are scared of guys and don’t come out in the New Year during the COVID season, so everyone stays safe. Isn’t this a good thing?”

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