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Space invasion

Forget the “rude” awakening-this is approaching “horrible”. Ruth Hamilton of Golden, British Columbia, told CBC News that he was awakened by the bark of a dog on October 4. “The next thing was a huge explosion and debris across my face,” she said. I called 911 after noticing that something had pierced the ceiling. While answering the operator’s question, she moved her bed pillow and found a “melon-sized space rock” that must have landed a few inches from her head while she was asleep. Peter Brown, a professor of physics and astronomy at Western University in London, Ontario, has confirmed that the rock is “certainly a meteorite,” but further research is needed to determine its exact origin. ..

out on a limb

The police standoffs, which began on October 6, ended more than 48 hours later, as a man came down from a tree sheltered in connection with the assault. Rudi Thomas’s house, 44, when police arrived in Queens, New York. In response to a phone call about a domestic conflict that Thomas threatened his mother, Thomas climbed the roof through a window on the second floor. He then jumped into a spruce tree 30 feet from the roof, where he spent two unpleasant nights. According to Fox 5 NY, the negotiator was finally able to talk to Thomas and leave the perch. Thomas, who issued an arrest warrant for beating his girlfriend on September 30, surrendered to police and was sent to the hospital for evaluation.

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Sprinkle gate

Don’t spoil the man’s sprinkle. The owner of a British bakery became viral because he yelled at regulations about making cuts in his bread and butter, or rather his cakes and frosting. Leeds’ Rich Myers, 32, was unable to sell his most popular items because he featured “illegal sprinkles” imported from the United States. Sprinkles contain an additive called E127, which Miller reports is associated with “rat hyperactivity disorder and tumors.” An anonymous customer provided information to local regulator West Yorkshire Trading Standards about the breach. Myers insists that it does not retain color during the baking process and vows not to switch to sprinkles approved by its home country. “If you can’t use (imported sprinkles), don’t use it,” he said. “I do sprinkle strikes, and I’m not upset for anyone,” he added, adding that getting smuggled goods isn’t too difficult.

Find Wally!

The Arctic walrus, which gained fame this summer after touring the coasts of Spain, France and England, was feared to die after disappearing from West Cork, Ireland in late August. However, walrus Wally fans can easily breathe. Independent reports that a brave wanderer was recently found off the coast of Iceland. Wally became famous for embarking on the deck of a (empty, docked) boat and sinking some when he stopped at various ports in Europe to take a break during his trip. Wildlife groups have even created a special float “sofa” for him to take a nap. Wally appears to be healthy and is expected to go to the Arctic and start looking for companions once he has a break and gained fat for trekking.

Neck pain

For the past two years, Colorado Parks and wildlife officials have witnessed strange wildlife sightings. An elk of a bull walking around the wilderness with tires around his neck. CPW officials have been monitoring elk since it was first discovered in July 2019, and tires did not interfere with animal drinking or feeding, but tires branch, fencing, according to CNN reports. , Or another elk. CPW officials received community tips on Elk’s whereabouts on October 9, and after removing the elk’s horns, finally calmed it down and removed the tires that contained 10 pounds of debris inside. Is done. “It would have been better to cut the tires and leave the antler for his rutting activity, but the situation was dynamic and I had to remove the tires as much as possible,” said CPW officer Scott Murdoch. rice field. Elk is expected to recover completely.

One junk …

-Let’s take a closer look at the gnomes in your garden. A couple in Sudbury, England, unknowingly used ancient Egyptian crafts to decorate their gardens. A pair of small sphinx statues were auctioned when the couple cleaned up their house before moving. The couple bought them at another auction 15 years ago and thought they were replicas of the 18th century, so they expected to get hundreds of dollars. However, bidding began when future buyers suggested that the item could be a real Egyptian relic. The international art gallery will pay $ 265,510 for the Sphinx statue. Auctioneer James Munder said the gallery owner determined that the item was truly genuine, but further investigation is needed to determine the exact age and source. “Where have they been for the last 5000 years,” Mander said.

Friends shepherd

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-Watch out for old plates used to microwave hot dogs and kids. The food found in a Scottish country house drawer won a staggering $ 1.7 million at an online auction on October 6, Scottsman reported. A pottery expert working at auctioneer Lyon and Turnbull discovers a dish with a picture of Samson and Delilah by Nicola di Gabriele Subrage (also known as Nicola da Urbino, the master of Mayorica pottery). bottom. Gavin Strang, Managing Director of Lyon & Turnbull, said:

Don’t miss the bus

The shortage of bus drivers caused problems across the United States as students returned to face-to-face learning, but Ohio’s father, Shaun Rogers Jr., said his children and their friends lacked transportation to school. I decided to solve the problem with my own hands. He rents a limousine from his father’s limousine company and uses stretch rides to take his children to school in style. “I will continue to do what I can to help these families send their children to school,” Rogers Jr. told Fox News. “Whenever I get to the point where I don’t have enough limousines, I always take a charter bus and go from there.”

On the other hand in Florida

When a desperate romantic Matthew Hoover, 43, was cross-examined by police on October 12, after witnesses reported invading a Nissan truck outside Wal-Mart in Vero Beach, Florida, he said. I wanted them to know that it was the labor of love. Police reported that Hoover tried to get into the car “to see his imaginary girlfriend Emma.” Smoking Gun reported that Hoover was arrested on a criminal offense mission for robbery and possession of hidden weapons. I couldn’t ask Emma for comment.

Mission Impawsable

Some pet owners are extremely advanced for fur babies. Some people make “extreme” extreme. Australia’s Tony Whitman, 45, is accused of a January 11 incident in which a former soldier wore full combat equipment (equipped with a fake assault rifle) and attacked Melbourne’s Lost Dogs Home. Was convicted on October 11th. Whitman tied up a female employee, asked her about the whereabouts of the cat, then left without collecting the animals and was arrested the next day. Fox News reported that Whitman had been suffering from PTSD since he was in the army and told police that he “felt need to get the cat back and acted without thinking about the consequences.”


Robot apocalypse may be approaching every day, but if self-driving car technology is some indicator, it’s probably still a long way off. A good example: San Francisco’s dead-end streets have seen a surge in traffic lately, but it’s not the humans in the car-AI does. People living in the 15th Avenue area of ​​the Richmond district are confused by Waymo self-driving cars, which appear to be in favor of their city. Cars appear day and night. They drive into the end of the street, the driver inside takes over and makes a multipoint turn, and the car returns to the road they came from. Resident Jennifer King told KPIX5, “There are days when it can be up to 50. Literally every 5 minutes.” A Waymo representative told KPIX 5 that he was investigating the situation.

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