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Great art

Police in Madison, Wisconsin are looking for a sculpture stolen from an art fair held in the square on September 25th. A unique piece titled “Humpty Dumpty” is a bronze with a nursery rhyme character sitting in the bathroom. Trousers around his ankle and a book in his hand. According to United Press International, this is worth $ 1,400. Bender told police he saw two men wandering around the booth. When she left, they disappeared with the artwork. The security camera footage also shot a man leaving with Humpty. I hope they didn’t drop him, because you know …

What a character!

Red Crocs wasn’t enough to protect an 11-year-old boy at Fairgrounds, Ohio, on September 18, when a haunted house actor went a little too far. According to the Washington Post, the boy, his sister, and some friends headed to the seventh floor of a haunted house in hell as 22-year-old Christopher Pogozelski approached to scare them. The boy told Pogozelsky that he was not afraid that the ghoul knife was a “fake.” “Oh, that’s real. Believe me, it’s real,” Pogozelsky replied, and began poking the boy’s leg with his weapon until he was bloody. The actor reportedly used his Bowie knife instead of rubber and believed it wasn’t sharp enough to hurt anyone. Still, he lost his job in the case. After bandaging, the boy returned eerie again.

Book of Revelation

In the village of Ust’-Tarka in southwestern Siberia, Miller reported that people are wondering why hundreds of ravens fell from the sky on September 22nd. Veterinarian Sergei Kuzriakin said he was being tested to see if the birds were poisoned, but called himself “shocked.” “I’ve been working as a doctor since 1975, and this is the first time I’ve seen this,” he said. Local ornithologists suspected that the birds may have ingested pesticides, but the mass mortality case “caused anxiety among the population,” local officials said.

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Jacob Hansen and his wife Quinn Kelsey went looking for casserole food at the Goodwill store near their home in Denver, but instead found a sentimental treasure, KUSA-TV said on September 28. I reported. The paintings on display in the store made him aware that he was an artist. He created his work 21 years ago as a freshman in high school. According to Hansen, his teacher exhibited his work at an art show in Jefferson County, which sold for $ 150 at the time. “I saw my signature below, and it was” Wow, this is incredible. ” And I immediately FaceTimed my mother. The couple will buy the painting for $ 20 and sell it online, with the proceeds going to research breast cancer.

Armed and clumsy

An unknown man in Jacksonville, Illinois, went to the hospital with a gunshot wound on September 25, the Journal Courier reported. The victim told Cass County Sheriff Devron Orn that he and his family were testing bulletproof vests, allowing others to shoot while wearing bulletproof vests. “This is definitely not a good idea,” Orn said. “Bulletproof vests are not a panacea, and it is a crime to shoot others, even if they tell you.”

good idea

On September 27, at Imphal Airport in India, Mohammad Sharif in Kerala was arrested for attempting to smuggle nearly a kilogram of gold into New Delhi. The Central Industrial Security Force told that Sharif was in the spotlight because of his way of walking. When he was examined, authorities found over 900 grams of gold paste (equivalent to approximately $ 56,000) in his rectum. Such cases have been reported to be common in Kerala. CISF monitors people who appear to be unable to walk properly or who have facial discomfort.

Usable news

-If leaf peep is included in the plan, it is advisable to take special precautions against the scary intruder, the spotted lantern fly. According to WLNY-TV, the New York State Agricultural Markets Authority warns tourists of autumn colors to be aware of beautiful but highly invasive species from Asia. “They can hitchhiking on outdoor items such as cars and clothing and are easily transported in and out of New York,” said Chris Log, director of plant industry at NYSDAM. Authorities will instruct those who find them to kill them immediately and send the photo to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation along with your location.

――Are you looking for a job? David Duffy, co-owner of Duffy’s Circus in Northern Ireland, encourages people to become clowns. According to the BBC, Duffy says the COVID-19 pandemic caused a shortage of performers. His circus has been closed for over 500 days, but will soon resume operation with looser restrictions. Duffy said, “I’m looking for someone who is really, really adaptable …. no matter what the mood, I have to illuminate the circle of the circus.”

Wait, what?

Beyhan Mutlu, 50, who lives in Bursa, Turkey, was reported missing on September 28 after leaving his friend while he was drinking. Later, a search team was called in to look for Mutlu, and he joined the group as a volunteer, but was unaware that they were looking for him. The light bulb continued when the volunteers began shouting his name. “I’m here,” Fox News said, Mutru told them. Police sent him home by car.

Friends shepherd

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The least capable detective

According to KTLA-TV reports, James Curts, 38, posted an ad on social media on September 28, hoping to sell a catalytic converter. However, a man in the Branson, Missouri region was unaware that the picture of the car parts contained a methamphetamine bag and a syringe. On September 29, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office sent a detective to Kurtz’s house with a search warrant. “I can imagine his surprise!” Sheriff Dagrader said. “He still had 48 grams of stimulants and a pistol he was forbidden to own! We have now offered him a new place to stay.”

Probably can’t be true

Cool weather is approaching. Arby’s has a special way for fans to warm up. MLive reports that the sandwich chain will begin selling “premium” sweatshirts, sweatpants and other items that are smoked to smell like a smoker. Arby’s has worked with the Texas Smokehouse to create clothing that will be available on October 4th (or you can sweat old and snuggle around the barbecue grill for free).

Suspicious talent

Britpole Oldfield, also known as Mr Methane, enjoys the unusual ability to pass gas on command, Odity Central reported on October 1. He discovered his talent while doing yoga with his teenage sister. And in entrepreneurship, he found a way to make money with his gifts. Oldfield “entertains” audiences around the world with a parody of songs (manipulating the hips to change the tone and pitch of flatulence) and a rapid fire release.

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