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Is one way to do that

When Hurricane Aida struck New York, heavy rains and floods caused an estimated $ 50 million in damage. However, Big Apple has a silver lining. The storm may have wiped out a significant portion of the rat population that lived in the sewer and subway systems. Experts believe that hundreds of thousands of mice may have died as sewers were overwhelmed and dumped into local bays and estuaries, after which rodents were launched on the beach. “I can’t imagine they survived,” Bobby Corrigan, a long-time pest control expert, told Gotamists. Conversely, those who survived the storm appear to be looking for shelter on high ground as pest control companies report a surge in complaints.


When Hurricane Aida went up the east coast and Louisiana began cleaning up, Covington Domino’s Pizza shop threw some of the remaining dough into dumplings, reported. Temperatures in the area rose in the 90’s and the dough came out of the trash can. Nicole Amstats, who lives nearby, started recording selfish lumps of dough on September 1st and posted the latest information on Facebook. The fabric spilled onto the pavement, but Amstutz reported on September 4th that it had fallen and a box was placed on it. The general manager of the Domino store did not respond to the interview request.

It’s good to be king

Elvis is gone … a hairdresser. Elvis Presley’s personal barber, Homer Gillerand, scoops up the King’s hair with multiple haircuts, puts a baseball-sized tuft in a plastic bag, and tells both male friends Thomas Morgan. I gave it. United Press International reported on September 8 that hair currently in a sealed jar and backed by “extensive documents” was sold at auction for $ 72,500. The Los Angeles auction house offered hair along with Presley’s concert jumpsuit and one of the other items.

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(Literal) Passing Parade

CNN reported that at midnight on September 9, North Korea held a military parade in the capital Pyongyang to celebrate its 73rd anniversary. Kim Jong Un appeared on the platform and waved, but reportedly did not speak. Perhaps midnight was considered more dramatic than the daytime scene, especially when it comes to the fall of paratroopers from military aircraft and the launch of flares. Observers pointed out that Kim seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

Suspicion confirmed

Oddity Central reported on September 3 that Li Zhanying in Henan Province, China, is known in her community for spending more than 40 years without sleeping at all. Her husband and neighbor confirmed her claim and said she had been up all night to do household chores and had never taken a nap. But recently, Li visited a medical center in Beijing. There, doctors used sensors to monitor her and found Li sleeping. While I open my eyes and talk to my husband. The doctor called him “sleep when he wakes up,” similar to sleepwalking. They said Lee sometimes had “slow eyes and hollow eyes.” And it shows that she was resting.


Chicago’s Doug Simmons, 44, and Debra Maggie, 43, planned a wedding for their destination in Jamaica and invited 109 guests. “Four times we asked,’Can you come, can you make it?’ And they kept saying yes,” Simmons told the New York Post in late August. explained. However, when the important day came, the couple realized that not all of them had appeared. That’s why Simmons, the owner of a small business, invoiced every no-show for $ 120 per person. “This amount is the amount you should pay us to pay for the seat in advance. You can pay via Zelle or PayPal.” Simmons said he and his wife did not show up. He said he was hurt: “I took it personally.” There is no word as to whether they collected on any of the invoices.

Persuasive explanation

On August 20, police officers in St. Augustine Beach, Florida, answered a call that women on the beach were behaving irregularly and needed CPR, The Smoking Gun reported. But when first responders tried to take her to an ambulance, 39-year-old Kairani Joe Kroll began to move back and forth through the streets. She hadn’t committed a crime, so police officers and rescue workers began packing to leave, when Kroll jumped into the cab of the fire engine and tried to escape. Kroll was pulled away from the truck and later told police, “I’m sorry I tried to get on the truck, I lost the marbles.” When asked if she was under any influence, she told them she had taken the “elixir of life.” Kroll was charged with law enforcement officers who resisted Grand Theft Auto.

Great art

Remember the self-crushing Banksy artwork that sold for $ 1.4 million in October 2018? Originally known as the “Girl with Balloon,” according to the Associated Press, the work, now known as “Love is in the Bin,” was auctioned again in October and cost between $ 5 million and $ 900. Sales of $ 10,000 are expected. Alex Branchk, chairman of Sotheby’s modern and contemporary art, calls the work “the ultimate Banksy artwork and a true icon of modern art history.” Prior to the auction, it will be exhibited in London, Hong Kong, Taipei and New York.


NBC News New York said the subway power outages on September 10th and August 29th caused more than 80 trains to stop only by pressing a power switch that should have a protective cover. I reported. The governor’s office said five trains stuck between stations in Bronx had to be helped by a train of 300 people, and that things got worse after the button was pressed. “New Yorkers deserve absolute confidence in a fully functional subway system, and it’s our job to regain that confidence,” said Governor Kathy Hokul.

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The financial advice website FinanceBuzz offers horror movie fans a once-in-a-lifetime gig. I would like to watch 13 classics and pay someone $ 1,300 to monitor my heart rate, with the goal of comparing the horror factors of movies on different budgets. United Press International reported that selected candidates will get FitBit to monitor their heart rate and $ 50 to cover movie rental costs. Applications will be accepted until September 26th, and winners will be selected on October 1st.

In Medford, NJ, 14-year-old Sammy Salvano had a busy summer. A teenager who wants to be an engineer has made a prosthetic hand for his friend, Ewan Kirby, who has lost multiple fingers, while United Press International reports. Salvano used a 3D printer to create the prosthesis, and Kirby said he was able to pick up his mother’s car key for the first time.

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