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High standard

A 10-foot-high artificial Christmas tree in the heart of the town of Grimsby, England, confused the locals, Grimsby Live reported. The sneaky comments included comments from residents who said there was a big tree in his house, and what he called “insults to Grimsby.” The council replied that the tree would cost more than 1,000 pounds, but said it was installed too early and a traditional live tree from a nearby farm will be installed on November 25. The fake tree will be re-installed at the Christmas market.

The least capable detective

Jerry McDonald of Chattanooga, Tennessee was with an acquaintance when he stopped drinking. His friend sent a text to his boss with a McDonald’s phone in an attempt to help, saying he wouldn’t go to work that afternoon. But instead, a friend found a vigilant text detailing McDonald’s plans to kill an unnamed woman and take her money: “Kill her baby. Please. I. Ask you. There are over a million in her dad’s vault. I was sending a text message to McDonald’s, according to NewsChannel 9-TV, but of course he was caught, and now $ 75,000. Detained in Hamilton County Prison for a bond.

Canada wants to reconsider opening the border to Americans after Vivian Richards, 48, of Oakland Park, Florida, tried to smuggle 56 guns into Sarnia, Ontario on November 1st in her car trunk. You may think. DH News reported after Canada Border Services Agency officials inspected her trunk. In addition to firearms, they found 13 overcapacity magazines, 43 pistol magazines, and 100 ammunition. She faces several accusations, including possession for the purpose of smuggling weapons.

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Horrible and gross

Seizures are scary enough, but seizures caused by tapeworms add an element of “eww”. A 38-year-old man, who was otherwise healthy, had a tapeworm cyst in his brain that had died for decades, according to a Massachusetts doctor who recently described the case in the New England Journal of Medicine. This is a relatively rare form of parasitism called neurocysticercosis. When these cysts clog the brain, they can cause pressure, inflammation, and neurological symptoms, which can be confused with brain tumors. However, symptoms may not appear for years. The man’s cyst was fine until he fell out of bed three years ago, “shaking and talking Gibberish,” and had a two-minute seizure on his way to the hospital. Fortunately, he was discharged after five days of treatment and is still in good health today.


With the help of a friend, Missouri man Kyle Scheele created his cardboard clippings to “jam out with a pizza guitar” and promote what is called “Kyle Scheelemir”. He then placed the notch at a local gas station and waited to see how long the prank would last. However, after fake advertising spread on TikTok, convenience store chain Kum & Go made Scheele Meal a reality. Includes Red Bull and a pizza sandwich, “this is two pizzas face-to-face crushed,” Scheele said. The promotion lasted for about a week, and Kum & Go donated $ 2 for every $ 5 meal to the charity No Kid Hungry.

Do you hear it?

Residents of Burwell, a small town in England, have been dealing with unexplained noise for about a year. It is described as “humming noise”, “low frequency drone noise”, and unstoppable “horrible hustle and bustle”. Resident Anju Redshaw said, “You can feel the vibration even if you lie on your pillow at night. It’s a very loud noise. During the day, you can hear it in the traffic noise. You can. “And now it seems to be widespread. Brian Heath, a resident of nearby Stapleton, says he heard “slow rolling, rumbling” for several weeks. “It’s a pretty heavy noise … you can feel the pressure on your body,” he said. The cause has not yet been identified.


In Aswan, Egypt, recent bad weather, such as “heavy rain, sandstorms, and snow,” has pushed hordes of scorpions from their usual hiding places to homes and streets. So far, BBC News reported that scorpion bites have killed three people and injured 450. The injured are being treated with antitoxin. Health officials had to hire doctors on vacation to help the influx of patients.

Lost and found office

The lost ring will soon find a way home in 70 years. Kelly Stewart in Richfield, Utah, found a ring in 2019 while using a metal detector in an abandoned yard. This is a 1943 class 10 carat gold ring from the Colorado School of Mines with the initials “RWD” engraved on it. Kelly found the 1948 Yearbook on eBay and revealed Richard William Deneke, who is likely to be the owner of the ring. Deneke is celebrating his 100th birthday at a nursing home in Georgia, and Stewart will return the ring to him. “I think it’s great,” Deneke told Stewart on the phone.

Friends shepherd

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A special bear has returned to his home. The stuffed bear teddy was the first gift Ben and Adi Pascal of Jackson Hall, Wyoming sent to their daughter Naomi before adoption in 2016. Naomi, now six, took Teddy on a family trip to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Croatia and Greece. Last October, I went to Glacier National Park in Montana. By the time the family realized that Teddy had been lost, snowfall had closed the higher elevations of the park during the season. Ranger Tom Mazzarisi found Teddy on the trail and couldn’t throw away the toys, instead leaving them as a mascot on the dashboard throughout the winter. Almost a year later, Pascals’ family friend Terry Hayden visited the glacier and found a teddy bear on a ranger’s truck. After confirming that he was a teddy, Mazzarishi returned the bear-with the Junior Park Ranger Badge and Ranger Hat.

get off

Cable Network BET has recruited 536 people to dance on the world’s longest soul trainline, breaking the Guinness World Records in Harlem. The line included the original dancers of the TV show “Soul Train”, a marching band, and hundreds of locals. Guinness officials were there to make sure that participants followed rules such as dancing “in pairs of at least 40 feet to qualify as a soul train.” The group set a record from Goodyear Ballpark, Arizona, which gathered 426 soul trainlines in 2014.

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