Newsmax, once the right wing also ran, is rising, and Trump approves

Next, there is a technical problem. The episode of “Greg Kelly Reports” on Wednesday started with a blank screen. Twelve seconds later, the host appeared and was monologue and half-hearted.

Kelly hasn’t stopped attracting about four times as many viewers as CNBC’s Shepard Smith, a former Fox News anchor who touted the new show at 7 pm.

Fox News, which has benefited significantly from Mr. Trump’s rise, easily outperforms Newsmax in overall ratings. But as the network called for Mr. Biden’s race, Trump supporters have chanted “Fox News is the worst!” Demonstrations in Arizona and Washington show that their ratings are well below pre-election levels.

Many of the drops occurred during the daytime hours when the newscaster acknowledged Mr. Biden’s victory. However, some Fox News opinion programs also showed a decline. Earlier this month, for the first time in 19 years, Fox & Friends attracted fewer weekly viewers than MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The loss of viewers is ringing a warning within Fox News, he said, saying that some people involved in the network spoke on anonymous terms to avoid tensions in the relationship. The new slogan, “Standing Up For What’s Right,” which promotes Trump supporters’ opinion hosts, is currently spinning violently.

“There are a lot of complaints about Fox News in conservative circles,” said Nicole Hemel, a Columbia University scholar who studies right-wing media.

Tensions spilled over into Fox News programming. In “The Five,” Geraldo Rivera attacked Trump’s colleague Jesse Waters for supporting unfounded claims about the stolen elections. During prime time, Tucker Carlson questioned Trump’s attorney Sydney Powell’s allegations, saying she did not provide evidence of fraudulent elections. But in the next hour, Hannity invited another Trump attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani, to share his groundless claims with the viewer.

Newsmax, once the right wing also ran, is rising, and Trump approves

Source link Newsmax, once the right wing also ran, is rising, and Trump approves

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